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The most popular family friendly fun from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom can be found by selecting one of these topics:

  • Kids Arts & Crafts

    Find fun kid’s arts and craft ideas for children of all ages here. Activities range from hands-on learning with art to crafts that are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face. You can find colorful projects, new art skills for kids, and lots of fun lessons for children of all ages.

  • Meal Planning

    Meal time feeling flat or stressing you out? Make meal time stress free or add a pinch of fun with a new recipe or have your children help you in the kitchen. These meal planning resources range from delicious recipes to full month meal planners to fun series having your children help you in the kitchen.

  • Educational Printables

    Making learning fun can be the key to a successful education. Here you will find educational printables that range from a single fun lesson to a full year’s worth of curriculum. These original printables are sure to not only be fun for your child or student, but also come packed with skills!

  • Storybook Activities

    Making learning fun can be as easy as adding a fun storybook and activity from it to bring storybooks to life. The storybook resources found here are all meant to help your child or student make learning not only fun, but memorable as well by using their favorite storybooks. The Kids Virtual Book Club is also a great way to included themed storybook learning into your lessons too!

  • Homeschooling

    Homeschooling children is not an easy task. If you follow along with our homeschooling journey you will get a lot of advice, tips, tricks, ideas, references, and so much more as I share our experience and hopefully help you through yours as well. The journey may be long, but of the fun that can be had as you homeschool your children.

  • Sensory Learning

    Not every child learns the same way. Some children do better when they can learn with their senses. Here you will find lots of ways to use your child or student’s senses as they learn. Sensory learning can be really fun, so why not try one of these Sensory Learning Activities today? There is sure to be something fun to add to your sensory learner’s lessons and more!

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