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Homeschool Curriculum

Here is some of the fun you can find: 

Come learn with two full years of fun with the Berenstain Bears Part 1 and Part 2. This original curriculum spans 23 books. Part 1 primarily focuses on Social Study topics; whereas, in Part 2 it dabbles in all of the core subjects. I did not create this to be used solely by itself or replace your core curriculum and I created both Part 1 and Part 2 to be supplemental to your learning studies. Each lesson is approximately 30-45 minutes in length, but it’s really up to you and your child. You can find out more about Part 1 of this curriculum HERE and Part 2 of this curriculum HERE

Christmas Around the USA

My inspiration for this unit study was that we all have to teach geography and learn about the 50 United States at some point. When we learn about the states we see that we are all part of the same great nation, but we also ALL have our own traditions, especially over Christmas due to our nation’s diversity. So, as any good homeschooling mom would do I started looking to see if I could teach these different traditions and the answer, as always, is yes, but in this case there wasn’t a product that I could just buy to fit the need. So come join in the Christmas learning adventure of a lifetime! You can find out more about this curriculum HERE

History Rocks Part 1 Curriculum

History Rocks! Part 2 Curriculum - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

This curriculum takes children on a journey through historical figures, both of past and present. My goal in creating this curriculum is to have my children not only learn about the people in the history books, but also for them to learn about some of the people that are currently making their marks on history. This curriculum is also designed to provide a fun way to teach multiple grade levels about important people in history at the same time. Every unit study in this curriculum is customized to each influential person in history that your child will be learning about. There are two editions of this curriculum, each designed to be used over the course of a year. One focused on male figures and the other female figures. You can find out more about Part 1 of this curriculum HERE and Part 2 of this curriculum HERE

Journey Into the World of Folktales Curriculum - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Journey into the World of Folktales is a comprehensive curriculum that is just over 770 pages. This curriculum covers 80 folktales from 75+ countries around the world.  This curriculum is perfect for children and students in grades Kindergarten through 5th.  Personally, I would say this curriculum has a lower end of advanced kindergartners because by their nature, some folktales cover topics that might not be appropriate for your kindergartner. As the parent and teacher you are the only judge if your child is ready for a folktale when you start learning about them. This curriculum is designed to be modular, meaning none of the 80 chapters require you to do them in order.  Also, this curriculum is not all arts and crafts either, as there are other components that stress language arts and creative writing as well.  Younger children and students can focus on certain parts that are at their level, while older children and students can independently work on the units, lessons, projects, and studies. Each folktale also has some sort of activity that is themed to the folktale in a manner that is fun and reinforces what they just learned. I created this curriculum so that it can be taught to different grade and skill levels at the same time while not requiring each child or student to complete all the components if it doesn’t match their learning or your teaching style. You can find out more about this curriculum HERE

Reading in 1st Reader Series

In this series you will find 20 different and unique stories that will help your child recognize, read, spell, and say all of the Dolch 1st Grade Sight Words.  Each story contains a unique theme that allows your child to recognize and learn each one.  This is accomplished through a hands-on approach of cutting and pasting the letters of each sight word to have your child spell the words correctly.   Then, at the end of each story reading comprehension questions are included for you, as the teacher, to quiz your child to make sure they are not just memorizing the stories, but rather, they are in instead reading, learning, and comprehending the stories.  To further enhance your student’s comprehension of the sight words they are learning there is a section at the end of each story for you to have your student trace and write the sight words on their own.  To tie-in all of the components of each story I have included a unique book mark that your student can use to track their progress in each story while on their learning adventure. The Reading in 1st Reading Series does not stop at the stories though.  You can find out more about this curriculum HERE

Science Chapter Tests

This fun and original curriculum is based on a science book that can be used to bolster your child’s science knowledge. Then, I created a unique series of chapter tests to quiz my children on the books concepts, facts, and theories. You can find out more about this curriculum HERE

Storybook Artist

I created this fun and unique original curriculum to help teach art to children through storybook artists. This curriculum teaches children art skills and techniques through the artists that create them and how they create them. There are 92 lessons in this curriculum that vary from illustrator to illustrator that teach techniques, art skills, and other art related topics. You can find out more about this curriculum HERE

Weather Detective Curriculum

This 150+ page Weather Detective science curriculum is filled with 12 units and a glossary.  Each unit provides different elements that teach about the science of weather.  Some of the learning teaching elements are mimicked in each unit, but you will find the following learning elements throughout this curriculum: Weather Terms Practice, Weather Diagrams, Weather Symbols, Crosswords, Science Experiments, Weather Instrument Building, Daily Weather Logs, Unit Quizzes, Weather Terms Glossary, and much more! This curriculum covers the topics of The Atmosphere, Temperature, Pressure, Wind, Climate, Clouds, Fronts and Forecasting, Thunder and Lightning, Rain, Snow, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes. You can find out more about this curriculum HERE

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