FAQS, Colorful words hang on ropeI love hearing from my readers, whether it is you liked what I have posted or if you have a question, or a technical issue. I strive to respond as quickly as life will allow but please understand that I am a one woman show and I have two wonderful children that I actively homeschool, a loving husband, 4 fur babies, and the E.H.M. brand to maintain. If I don’t get back to you it’s because I didn’t want to, it may just be that I haven’t gotten to that email yet.

In order to speed up the process, I have included here a list of frequently asked questions and my typial first response to them. Hopefully this may help answer your question:

Q: Your site appears to cater to homeschooling families.  Will I be able to find anything that can help me if my family does not homeschool?

A: You betcha! I created this blog to help all families that have children.  It is true that I am a homeschooling mother of two children, but I also include content about parenting, meal planning, recipes, DIY around the house, printables, arts and crafts, storybooks activities, and much, much, more.  If you are looking for supplemental resources to help your brick and mortar student then almost everything here can help you as well.  I strive to make sure that my educational materials can be used  for a child in any educational setting from a homeschooler to a classroom student to an after school program attendee.  There should be something for any student to enrich, supplement, and/or reinforce their educational needs. I include DIY projects that can be used in more settings than just a homeschool.  I strive to include meal planning and recipes to help families like my own save money and still maintain a variety.  I discuss things like cleaning, routines, and other varied topics to help families be just that, families.  Overall, I hope that any family that comes to my site can find something to their liking.

Q: If I have any issues with your site, who and how do I contact you?

A: Whether you have an issue or not, I really enjoy hearing from my readers.  You can contact me directly HERE and I will respond to your questions directly, but please understand I am a one woman business that is not at my computer all the time since I am teaching my children, spending time with my husband, running our local co-op, maintaining our home, hiking with the doggies, knee deep in a DIY craft that I saw on HGTV since I was up way too late last night hyped up on coffee, or any other number of things.  I try to respond and help in any way that I can, but I am also not an information technology person, so please bear with me as I will try to help you get through and resolve any issues I can.

Q: I see that you have contributors.  Do you write their content or are they separate from your site?

A: I do strive to bring the best content to my readers as I can.  To help with the variety that I can provide to the readers of this site I have a great team of contributors that provide one unique article per month for me.  Each contributor has a specific specialty area that they contribute.  By including these topic experts I can provide you, the reader, with a wider range of topics from individuals who are passionate about them.  You can find out more about my contributors HERE.

Q: Why are only some of your printables free?

A: In order to maintain certain aspects of the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom brand and products, not everything can be free.  I do strive to provide free printables for some topics, but please understand that even when something is free, as a business, I will still incur costs (creation time, clip art, software, hosting, etc.).  Because of these costs, not everything can be free, but I do my best to continually add more and more items for free.  In addition, you can always find my free items for free and should not ever have to incur a cost for free items from my site.

Q: Why do I have to pay to get some of your printables and not others?

A: If a printable is housed in my E.H.M. Member’s Only Website then it is part of my free printables catalog that you can find on my E.H.M. Member’s Only Website as well.  These items are provided in a secured, paid membership site.  For the low, one-time, life-time fee of $15 you can gain access to all of my past, current, and future printables.  The cost is still the same as it was when I opened the proverbial web doors on 2011.  This low fee helps to offset the costs of materials for new printables, hosting fees, housing fees, and other business costs to create printables.  I still maintain my initial core value that as a homeschooling family I know firsthand that costs for materials can be expensive, so I want to provide access to my E.H.M. Member’s Only Website for a low, one-time, life-time fee to help show my fellow homeschooling families that I love creating valuable printables for the Members to use on the educational journeys, but I am not about to start charging for individual items or increasing the fees to gouge my readers, users, and fellow homeschoolers. You can find out how to join HERE.

Q: I really like your post or printable and want to share it, are you ok with that?

A: Generally speaking I do, but I have clearly defined Terms of Use and Disclosures.  Please review these and if you still have a question, please contact me HERE first and I will gladly work with you to clear up any questions first.

Q: I see that you have advertising on your site.  What does my viewing of your site mean to my personal information?

A: I strive not to spread your information or keep it for any reasons.  I do not sell information and only use your digital information as defined in my Terms of Use and Disclosures.  If you are an advertiser and are interested in my site for your advertising needs, then please contact me HERE and I will gladly send you a media packet about what my site has to offer you.

Having Trouble With One Of My Files

A: Based on technology being different for each user, please be aware that there may be certain downloadable files contained on this site that may view differently for different users. Because internet browsers, operating systems, platforms, etc. are different for every user please be advised that when a file is selected you are most likely seeing a preview. When previewed, a file may appear to have graphical or visual imperfections; however, if you download the file then the imperfection will not be seen because a full file will be downloaded to your device instead of just a preview in your browser. Enchanted Homeschooling Mom is sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but there is no way to predict what software, hardware, and personal settings each individual visitor will use in order to obtain their previews.


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