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Welcome to all things related to FREE meal planning here on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!  Typically I will share a monthly meal planner with you on the last Sunday of the month.  But, I provide more than just monthly meal planning here on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom because I also like to share recipes, budgeting ideas, children’s lessons and more. Each planner is unique to the month to represent the season of the year, holidays, events, and more. The meal planners are presented in a PDF format with the seven days of the week.  If the meal is not self-explanatory, like say peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then a recipe is either provided in the meal planner or through a link to a wonderful recipe that I have found on the internet.  Links are provided so that the original source is directly linked to so that their hard work is credited. 

EHM Monthly Meal Planner
As a monthly meal planner I like to share what my family of four is planning for its meals in the coming month.  We are on a budget and that is approximately $300 to $400 for food items (Excluding desserts).  We have a separate sundry and misc. budget, but we tend to meet this budget when we stay on planner.  So, with that in mind, what do I tend to provide in each monthly meal planner? I like to include the following resources in each planner:

  • Weekly Meal Planner with Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner Selections
  • Blank Weekly Meal Planner
  • Optional Dessert Menu
  • Optional Dessert Calendar
  • Select E.H.M. Recipes
  • Ingredients List
  • Blank Shopping Lists
  • Various Lessons to Make Meal Planning Real Lessons for Children

As you can see, each month will be unique, but since they are FREE, you can always look back at previous months to see what was done each month.  Also, I do my best to vary the meals, add new ones, and keep things related to the season. This means that even though I can grill for 11 months of the year where I live you might not be able to, so grilling recipes will show up more and more in the summer months as well as smoothie recipes, but oven baking recipes will show back up in the fall and winter when it is cold.  By providing this variety we should all enjoy our meal instead of dread them.  Ingredient Variations One of the parts of E.H.M. Meal Planning that makes each month unique is that I try to incorporate fruit and vegetables into all the meals, but I try my best not to dictate what those are.  This means if you see a snack listed as Fruit it means just that, fruit, so pick your favorite fruit and serve that.  With the state of the economy and everyone living somewhere different, everyone’s fresh fruit and vegetable selections will vary and the last thing I want to do is list out a fruit that is abundant an inexpensive for my family that ends up costing yours a lot of your budget since it is not available readily to you.  Monthly Meal Planners To find all of the E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planners please use the links below to take you directly to them:

Recipe Resources To help bring a little variety to meal planning I also have other resources on Enchanted Home Schooling Mom.  Some of these resource are:

My Trip to the Grocery Store Series  My Trip to the Grocery Store Series Shopping Lessons To help make your meal planning more educational and to include your children, I create this FREE educational series to provide lessons for children in the age range of toddlers, early learners, elementary school, and middle school to make meal planning and shopping into real world lessons. To download your FREE copies, follow the directions below.  In addition, in the following months I plan to add to the toddler and early learning lessons and will try to modify the elementary and middle school lessons so that they are somehow different each month to add a variety for your children to learn from the real world with while you are shopping. 

My Trip To The……Tot Packs:

My Trip To The……Early Learning Packs

My Trip To The Grocery Store Elementary Pack

Making your Shopping List A Real World Math Lesson for your Middle School Student

Thank you for taking the time to see all the E.H.M. Monthly Meal Planning resources, family meal planning, recipes, and related lesson resources that you can find here on E.H.M.! 

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