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Hello! My name is Jill and I am the author and creator of the Enchanted Homeschool Mom Blog and the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom Member’s Only Website. Between the two I have my printable creations, original curriculum’s, lesson ideas, recipes, giveaways, and much, much more! I have a wonderful husband who works full time as a Civil Engineer outside of our home and is my best friend, our son Beck who cracks me up daily, our pistol packing princess Elizabeth whose strong will and determination amaze me, and our five furry children (dogs).

Homeschooling has become such an integral part of our life that it is just normal to me. I love the flexibility homeschooling affords and there is nothing I would trade in this world for since I get to see my children grow up every day and become confident, smart, and intuitive children. Please do not get me wrong because I have had my string of challenges along the way. The challenges that I have had to overcome range in magnitude from losing touch with friends who have children in brick and mortar schools who do want to understand homeschooling to having little support from family because they do not understand what homeschooling is. Each day I remind myself that I am blessed because my family directly benefits from my efforts to homeschool our children. The blessing is that Beck and Elizabeth are strong willed; compassionate; have great manners, and will always be a positive part of society as they grow older because they are being filled with our family’s beliefs as they grow and blossom in their education too!

I know that homeschooling is not always an easy path to follow, but we are guided down this path for our children because we want to make sure we provide them the best education and educational possibilities for our children. Even when Beck gets over analytical (like his Dad) and over thinks a problem or Elizabeth just blurts out an answer, right or wrong, I know that they are happy to be learning their lessons at ‘Mommy School’ because I can tailor their education to their current needs and focus on things that they like too. At any given moment in our homeschool day you will more than likely find my children, and furry children, happily hanging around.

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So, why then did I start this blog? The answer to that is simple, actually. If I can help one other family, save them time researching or creating a learning activity for their child or just give them somewhere to feel like they belong, then I feel that all of my hours and time spent on my blog is worth it! Without you as my readers, this blog would not be as successful as it is today and I am very aware of that. I try to make sure that every question asked of me via email or Facebook always gets answered!

When I am not spending time with my family, teaching, creating printable creations, or blogging you will most likely find me with an extra large cup of coffee in my hand tapping into my inner interior designer (I blame HGTV for all of the wonderful ideas), watching a good movie or television show (I am a movie and television show buff), or enjoying our 7+ acres of rural land in the mountains (that’s right, I am a country girl!).

I hope you will follow along with our family on our homeschooling journey here at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!


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