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Posted on Nov 18 2016 - 2:58pm by Jill
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Long time no see huh?! If you have been visiting my site, purchasing my printables, sending me emails, or in general, keeping an eye out on my site I would just like to take the time to truly say bless you and thank you! Sadly my health for the last year and half has only declined even further. I am fighting the fight but some days it just seems like a really bad version of the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. Y’all who have been following me for any length of time know how much this crazy lady LOVES Groundhog Day 🙂


One day in the future I would like to come back full time (or even take part time at this point) to running this site and posting. However, my days right now are filled spending time with my family, homeschooling my children, and trying to get out and about as my body will allow me to and explore my new city and community. I am an extremely creative person in nature and I began this site and business in early 2011 by creating printables and learning materials. My mind still churns on a good day with ideas that I jot down to create.

Prior to my unexpected illness I had what my husband has called an arsenal of clipart and files after files after files of almost completed and fully completed printables and curriculum. But as life often can it stepped in and said that now was not the time to share my creations and my focus needed to be elsewhere. I know that I just do not have it in me physically at this point nor the time to create printables, write blog posts, make the images, promote it, etc. If you are a blogger or know a blogger then you know what I am talking about as it is a full time job just on the blogging end of things. But what I do know is that I miss sharing my creations and having that space to brain dump my creative ideas and paint them into place if you will.

So I have this update:


UPDATE: Due to my ongoing medical crisis that began in the summer of 2015 the E.H.M. Member’s Only Website has reached capacity and is no longer accepting any new memberships as my health will not allow me to maintain any more that what I currently have. If you are interested in purchasing or using any of my printables please make sure to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers.




You see this post here that you are reading took me longer to write than I care to admit since today is not a very good health day for me. Keeping my member’s only site open as well as this blog takes A LOT of time (maintenance, tech support, member questions, etc.) and money in overhead costs that I cannot justify anymore. I always feel bad when I can’t respond right away, or even within a reasonable amount of time in my opinion. And I am a one woman shop who does everything here and this disease has been more debilitating then I want to admit. So sadly, I cannot allow my membership database to grow any larger and I will no longer be offering free printables as I cannot look at my husband and tell him that we need to cover the costs of his business, our family, our homeschool, and any overhead costs that are not covered each month here on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom since I cannot blog regularly. It doesn’t make sense fiscally and it took me a year and half to come to grips with this decision.

So, my husband suggested that I close the membership down to any new members and put all of my printables, curricula, and new items up in a brand new Teachers Pay Teachers store (which he is graciously helping me set up). If you are a current member, please do not worry about your access. Current members will still have lifetime access to my member’s only site like normal and all new materials will still also be placed there for you to access with your membership at no new charge. I am just putting an extended hold on any new blogging and don’t want my total memberships to grow past its manageable amount.


If you are interested in following along with any new printables, curricula, etc. that I share or purchasing any of my materials I highly suggest following along with my store over at Teachers Pay Teachers. While I may be slow in getting it set up and putting new things up I look forward to any of you that want to follow along as it will allow me a creative space that I have been missing this past year while not burdening my family with the overhead costs of running a full time blogging business that is no longer a full time business and has not been in quite some time. And please remember, new items placed in the store will also be placed in the member’s only site as well for member’s to continue to access with as normal.

Thank you for your understanding, compassion, and support of my site and products. I know this decision may not make some of you very happy, but it is a necessary step for my business at this point and time with my health.

To kick off the grand opening of my store I will also be holding a Thanksgiving weekend sale so make sure to check it out:


With all my heart, I wish you and your family all a very happy holiday season and healthy new year!

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