Quick Homeschooling Tip: Active Learning Made Fun With GoNoodle

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Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 8:52am by Jill
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Ok, I know I am not alone in this boat, but if you have children that are very active or who have better learning experiences using hands-on learning techniques and tools it can most definitely be draining. Why you ask? In the beginning it is SO much fun because there is just a flood of ideas out there which is fantastic, thank you internet! BUT … then after 6 or more months you used all those ideas and the day to day week to week creativity can sometimes be drained out of even the most creative type of person.

Do your children struggle with sitting still during lessons? Perhaps they get very nervous when it comes time to test taking. Try this program today to help get the learning into motion with GoNoodle.

I consider myself a very out of the box thinker creative type. I actually love that both my children need me to push myself and think of creative new ways to excite them about learning. However, I have found myself sitting down to do my weekly lesson plans and I just draw a blank when it comes to new ideas. Then I come up with or find a few more awesome ideas but, they are not enough to really shake up the school day every single day of the week.

Then I stumbled across a site, I honestly cannot remember where, and found GoNoodle. Out of all the sites that my homeschooling family has a membership to THIS is the site I could not and would not go without a membership. Why? Well it’s just plain stinking awesome. The goal of the site is to get children up and moving while learning. Whether that be a brain break, a test while going on a virtual field trip, practicing spelling words, you name it and if you are currently using a worksheet to practice or test those skills I bet you could put it into one of the many games or activities on GoNoodle.

Do your children struggle with sitting still during lessons? Perhaps they get very nervous when it comes time to test taking. Try this program today to help get the learning into motion with GoNoodle.

For example, in our household daily practice of spelling words or tests in their curriculum can quite literally be scary. To an outsider it could look or sound like I just told my children there would never be another episode of Star Wars Rebels. YES that serious! With my sons sensory processing disorder (SPD) and my daughter’s dyslexia in addition to SPD tendencies these daily tasks that many children find boring my children get nerve wracked. This means they cannot tell me everything that they have learned.

One quick and inexpensive way to solve those daily and test taking blues… move it and shake it with GoNoodle! The games in this program are SO much fun that it takes the stress off of my kids and they state the facts, answer the questions, and spell their spelling words without a fear in the world. It’s seriously that fun! Plus, I can create and save my own questions to tie them easily into our lessons. Just check out their intro video below:

Did I mention that there are even physical education components and activities? Fun times, both for my kids and myself, especially when it is a snowy, rainy day outside. Check out one of their sample videos:

I was not asked to write this little blurt about GoNoodle, nor was I compensated in any which way. I just truly LOVE their product and think that you as my readers may as well. Plus, with the free trial you really have nothing to lose and only giggles galore to gain.

Have you tried GoNoodle yet? What are your favorite ways to get moving when learning?

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  • I agree! GoNoodle nicely connects the ideas of physical activity and academic performance. Exercise breaks vary in time and style — you can choose to get kids’ energy up or calm them down before a test.