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Posted on Apr 14 2016 - 8:49am by Jill
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Hold on one second while I have my son cover his ears. As he is almost 12 years old I am going to reminisce about the importance of Finding Nemo in our family and may just use one of my embarrassing moments that make my son say “Mom?!”

Get ready for some activities and coloring fun the new Disney movie Finding Dory with FREE Activity Packs today! These fun activities and are a great addition to any school lesson, for some afternoon fun, or just for fun at anytime! Come get your FREE copies today! #FindingDory #HaveYouSeenHer

When my son was very young, Finding Nemo had just come out on DVD. Little did my husband and I know at the time that we would have to purchase 5 other copies over the course of time because this movie became so loved in our household. My son wanted to watch Finding Nemo every waking moment that we were home that he was allowed to watch television. All the toys he owned were 90 percent Finding Nemo. When my son was 1 year old my husband even took a week off of work and we painted a Finding Nemo mural on his bedroom walls. Every day in our household you can look around and see Finding Nemo from our cookie jar to my son’s lovie blanket (which is a Disney Store Finding Nemo toddler bed comforter) and you will see other hints of this movie resonating in our lives too. And yes, my son still makes sure to sleep with and know where his lovie is every single night.

Then you add that this movie’s sequel comes out at our son’s birthday this year and you better believe that we are going to make a big HUGE deal about this movie. To say that we cannot wait would be a MAJOR understatement. Even though my health is struggling at the moment I don’t care if I have to take my hospital bed with me to the movie theaters, WE ARE GOING 🙂

Get ready for some fun activities and coloring fun from the new Disney movie Finding Dory with FREE Activity Packs today! #FindingDory #HaveYouSeenHer

Just like the original movie, this movie is also sure to be full of vivid images and colors. Do your children like coloring pages? Then why not try one of these fun and FREE Finding Dory printable coloring pages from Disney! These are perfect for letting your child or student’s creativity shine through, just like Dory’s personality in the movies.

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Finding Dory Coloring Pages

Finding Dory Connect The Dots

You can find out more about this fun Avenger origins movie out in theaters now by following along at:

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Can’t wait for this movie to premiere? Watch this preview below with your kiddos today:

Dory is swimming her way into the hearts of both young and old June 17, 2016! Will you be there when it opens?

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