Thank You Friends!

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Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 1:03pm by Jill
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This is an open letter to all who have called, texted, mailed letters/cards/gifts, sent emails, sent private messages on social media platforms, read posts, shared content from my site with their readers, or commented on my site since July 2015.

Dear Friends,

I sincerely hope that you will all know that this is indeed personally to each and every one of you. I am having trouble most of these days just simply typing on a computer. I do no spend any time on social media platforms so if you need or want to get a hold of me please shoot me an email to jill at enchantedhomeschooling dot org. Please know that this comes from the bottom of my heart with sincere gratitude and a heart full of appreciation for you taking the time to care about me, my family, this site, and my creations.

Thank You Friends

As you have probably already read in my post last summer, I was hoping to have come back to my business at least part time if not full time by now. Well as life sometimes does God has driven my life is a different direction at the moment. Unfortunately, my battle with cancer has not been going as originally planned and two handfuls of other serious health problems have jumped on board. The daily battle can be overwhelming to say the very least. I don’t want to go into great depth about what I am dealing with and bore you all but I am in my very late thirties and basically feel like I am in my sixties. BUT… I am resilient and will fight this with everything within my power!

I sincerely hope that once I am able to kick this disease, which I am fully committed that I will despite all of the setbacks that I will return in some way, shape, or form to Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. I have poured so much love into this site over the past 5 years that it tugs at my heart A LOT that I am not able to contribute any of the creativity we still have going on in homeschooling.

Our household still is adjusting from our son’s sensory processing disorder diagnosis several years ago and since I last posted on my site my daughter, who has a speech impediment due to her frenum being connected lower than normal (her doctor and dentist have instructed us to wait until she is a teenager and all of her adult teeth have come in as this may self correct itself at that time without any surgery), has been diagnosed with dyslexia. I have had to immerse myself in seminars, training, any book I can get my hands onto, etc. But it is such a blessing because it explains so much that her speech therapists and I over the years wondered if her speech impediment was hiding something else. It keeps me on my toes but in a good way 🙂

We also moved. This was a VERY VERY hard decision at the time. In December my husband’s business that he owns took on some new projects for a large new client. Problem was that it was counties away from where we lived in the mountains of San Diego County. So after really looking at things we decided to move to a better climate for my health conditions, excessive heat magnifies a lot of my health problems, to be closer to some of the medical specialists to help me, and to have my husband be able to take on this new client. It meant leaving the only family on the west coast that we have, leaving our church, our friends, our homeschooling groups, basically everyone that was lending a hand and giving support in one way or another. We moved the week after Christmas but now that we are settled we are SO happy that we did. We are building a new support system, making new friends, and my husband’s business is growing leaps and bounds and taking on a lot of new clients.

I do still provide tech support for any members of my E.H.M. Members Only Website. And oh my will I have a ton of ideas, projects, and printables to share when I am able to come back to my business. If you want to/can hold on until then you are fantabulous. If you don’t want to wait around because there is SO much wonderful content and ideas out there on the web I don’t blame you. The talents are abundant and I still think you are fantabulous! I still think that of all of you here at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom as part of my Ohana (family). You all keep sharing my posts, enjoying my printable creations, commenting, purchasing memberships, purchasing books…and I thought when I made the decision last summer to step back and put my health and family first that my site would go from a roar to a cricket. But it didn’t all because of each one of you. We just changed from a roar to a bunch of puppy kisses!

So make sure to hug your kids a little extra every day, tell your spouse you love them a little more often, and get out there and enjoy life to the fullest because it is very easy to get caught up in the day to day happenings and commitments of raising a family, having a job, and so forth. You just never know what is around that corner, whether that be good or bad. My heart tells me though that I need to focus on my health, my family, and beating this disease and getting all my little rubber duckies into a row.

With the utmost love, gratitude, and hugs,

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