Our 4th Grade Book Study List

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Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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Sometimes selecting a book that you can dive into more learning fun with your children can be a very daunting task. I firmly believe in encouraging reading. My husband and I actually require our children to read a book of their choice for at least 30 minutes a day, outside of school lessons, before turning on a piece of electronics or heading out to play with friends. When it comes to book studies; however, it can be a fine line of what topics you as the homeschooling parent want to teach your child and what peaks their interests.

Raise children that love to read! Check out this homeschooling mama’s book study list for her 4th grade daughter. Great resource for lesson planning!

For me, this juggling act is much easier if I plan out the books when doing my lesson planning in the summer time. The books listed in this post are by no means the only books we will be reading this year, but these books are the ones that my 4th grader, Elizabeth, sat down and selected with me to do book reports, in depth book studies, book fair projects, etc. with after reading. This year we will go in depth with the following fun 4th grade selections:

What books will you and your 4th grader be exploring this year? Share the book titles and authors name in the comment section below.

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  • Courtney

    Thank You for sharing this list. Most of the books on your 4th Grade list are on most 3rd Grade recommended lists by my favorite Classical Curriculum. However I was worried that the reading would be to hard for my 3rd grader. I then started to worry that we were behind in our reading….. So again, thank you for putting these books on 4th Grade. I feel so much better now!!

    Do you have a 3rd Grade Reading list on your site? Can you direct me to it?

    • You are so welcome Courtney 🙂

      I personally found, as did my local homeschooling friends, that in third grade our children were all at different reading skill levels. With my kids I would read a story out loud or do a shared reading, where my child read one side of the book and I read the other. Sometimes the suggested reading lists are daunting and overwhelming, at least for me. I remember one 5th grade list had the Hobbit on it, and not as a read aloud. I thought “My 5th grader is a great reader but he could never read the Hobbit and fully take in the wording and story line without getting frustrated.”

      Just remember that any reading list should be considered a suggested reading list and in 3rd grade many of the reading lists are meant to be read alouds or joint reading with an adult. It may be above or below your child’s reading level. As the parent and educator you know your child’s skill level the best so trust your gut judgement and you won’t go wrong. There is plenty of time to read a more challenging book down the road so there is no reason to force it to end in tears now in my opinion 🙂

      I don’t seem to have shared our 3rd grade books in the past. I will have to dig through my school records and do a post on that in the future. Here are some great posts on other sites though and follow in line with what we read:


      For read alouds:


      I hope that helps!