Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover Review

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Posted on Aug 16 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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If you have been homeschooling for a while you can probably relate to this… You just sit down to start your lessons with your children, or perhaps you have finally managed to break through on a difficult topic with one of your children, then, just as you get a wide grin and are about to jump for joy it is all interrupted by that dreaded noise. Someone knocks on your front door or rings the doorbell. Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise. It’s reminiscent of that scene from the animated Christmas family film ‘The Grinch’ where the distraction and chaos that ensue can take minutes or even hours to recover from depending on the day. This is especially impacting to us since our son has sensory processing disorder and struggles with noises that he is not prepared for well in advance.

Are you tired of getting interrupted during your homeschool lessons by the doorbell and unexpected visitors? Finally get some peace and quiet with this Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover that actually covers your doorbell. Every homeschooling family needs this!

We have been homeschooling with purpose since our son was 3 years old. He is now 11 years old. We have lived in the suburbs as well as rural since beginning our homeschooling journey. I can tell you in all honesty that I get disturbed just as much rurally as I did when we lived in the suburbs. I do not know why or how, but everything seems to still find us out here too. Even with clear pretty signs by our front door the delivery drivers, cold call sales people, etc. all ignore the sign or say “I saw the sign but didn’t have time to read it.” Ugh! And they want me to listen to their sales pitch or buy their products.

Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover Review

Then as my husband came back to work from home full time with my health spiraling downwards it just became even worse. We had to figure something out. We LOVE having visitors; however, just because we are home educating our children and both of us work from home, people seem to think we are always available. If my husband can’t work we cannot afford to homeschool our children. If I can’t find uninterrupted time on a regular basis to gather my children’s full attention then we cannot educate from home. It is that all too well known domino effect that all of my homeschooling friends deal with as well.

*Before I get much further into sharing this product with all of you I want to let you know that I purchased this product for family personally. I was not given this product in order to provide this review. I just loved the product SO much and got to know the super sweet and talented gal behind the NikkiDanielDesigns store on Etsy that I wanted to help spread the word about her products.

I am SO pleased to share with you all that I stumbled across this Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover over on Etsy. It is cost effective since it is a very thick and hard durable plastic and it is weather resistant. PLUS it comes with a very sturdy plastic hook set that will not damage the exterior of your home. Within less than 5 minutes you can have this set-up and ready to use right over your door bell.

Now there are no more excuses and no more interruptions. Everyone now reads this sign and then turns their heads to also read our working from home sign. The regular deliver drivers now know to wait at our front door, since I can see them from the school room when the sign is up. Plus the kids LOVE taking turns putting the sign up when our school day starts and taking it down and putting it indoors where we hang our keys by the front door when our school day is over.

Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover Review

Would You Like To Win Your Own Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover?

As a bonus for readers of Enchanted Homeschooling Mom, Nikki Daniel from NikkiDanielDesigns has graciously offered to allow me to host a giveaway for THREE of my lucky readers to win a free single-sided doorbell cover of your choice (I will provide the winner’s information to NikkiDanielDesigns and she will coordinate with you the doorbell cover of your choice and shipping). If this sign is something that is must for your homeschooling family, home with young children, or if you receive a lot of solicitors, then please enter below if you would like a chance to win this giveaway:

Don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end? Did you miss entering the giveaway? Nikki Daniel is kindly offering Enchanted Homeschooling Mom readers $4 off a $15+ order when you use the code: ENCHANTED. This discount code is not time sensitive and does not expire. These signs are A-W-E-S-O-M-E so I highly recommend using this coupon offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the Homeschool In Session Doorbell Cover by NikkiDanielDesigns. Hopefully you will bring one of these quality signs home today for your family!

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