Easy DIY Lesson Planner Bookmarks

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Posted on Aug 19 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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In the beginning of a school year your lesson planner can easily bring a huge smile to your face. It is full of hope, dreams, and inspirations for the coming school year ahead. Whether you plan a year in advance like I do, or you are a fly by the seat of your pants kind of lesson planner as the school year progresses there will be days when your lesson planner can cause an eye roll as that spark and magic that was there in the beginning of the school year dwindles.

Bring a smile to your school day with these easy and low cost DIY Lesson Planner Bookmarks!

One way that I have found that has helped me personally over the years is to create personalized bookmarks. They can have quotes that inspire you, characters from a show or movie that you enjoy, something that makes you laugh. The key is to integrate something into your day-to-day routine in school that makes you smile for those days and times when need it the most.

Bring a smile to your school day with these easy and low cost DIY Lesson Planner Bookmarks!

These bookmarks are easy to make and low cost so that you can you can make holiday versions, swap out themes, etc. throughout the school year. I make a huge batch of them in the summer time when I am doing my lesson planning. Then I rotate them into my lesson planner throughout the school year.

All you need to do is to find your favorite free printable image/quote/etc. or create your very own. You can find one for almost anything on Pinterest these days. Make each image the size that you need in order to properly fit your lesson planner. I suggest printing your images on cardstock. Then cut out the image, apply one layer of modge podge, and allow them to dry for an hour or two.  This will help to seal in the image and make it more durable. I do not recommend laminating the image at most types of lamination do not stand up to day to day use when something is glued onto it.

Bring a smile to your school day with these easy and low cost DIY Lesson Planner Bookmarks!

Then flip your image over and apply craft glue generously. Place a large paper clip onto the craft glue and allow it to dry overnight. Now it’s ready to use and easy to customize your lesson planner through the holidays or with your hobbies.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn a so-so day into a great day. Bring a little smile into this school year by making your own easy and low cost lesson planner bookmarks!

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