Hands-on Homeschooling: Outdoor Language Arts Games

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Posted on Jun 9 2015 - 1:00am by Megan
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Do you find yourself pulling out flashcards or worksheets when you want to work on key skills in subjects like math or language arts? That may be the easiest way to review facts, but resist the temptation. Why?

Because it’s BORING!

Instead, grab a ball and a piece of chalk and head outside with your kids to play some fun, yet simple, DIY games to build their grammar and spelling skills. 

Time to get outside and play! Simple and fun language arts games to play outdoors with the kids.

Four Effective Language Arts Activities

Bounce a Rhyme

While standing across from each other on a hard surface, call out a word, then bounce a ball back and forth, naming additional words that rhyme. Once you can’t think of any more words that work with the original one, start over.

This game will help your child think on his feet and give you some insight into his vocabulary.

Circle the Letter

This activity will get your child moving while working on her spelling words. Use the chalk to draw a bunch of circles on your sidewalk/driveway and write a different letter in each one, making sure to include letters from words you want her to learn. Give her a word and a specific movement she should use while moving around the letters, spelling the word. Something like, “Spell the word industrious while twirling.”

After she successfully completes a word, change out or add more letters and move on to the next one.

This is a fun way to work through a spelling list!

Consonant Blend Dribble

Pick a consonant blend, such as “ch” or “spl.” In quick succession, call out a variety of words – some with the blend and others without. When your child hears a word with the named cluster, he should dribble and catch the ball. If he doesn’t hear it, he should hold the ball.

Make sure he listens carefully because the blends can come at the beginning or end of a word.

Hot Potato Categories

Categorizing words is a crucial skill that your child will use regularly, so spending time strengthening this skill set is important.

Pick a category, like “books” or “mammals.” After setting a timer, say a word that fits into the category, while passing the ball to your neighbor or partner. Remember, you can’t pass the ball until you give a correct word. Try not to be the person with the ball when the timer goes off. The winner can choose the next category. 

As you can see, mastering language arts doesn’t have to be dry and boring. With just a bit of planning, you can work on some basic skills while also having a good time outside.

What kind of games do you use in your home school? 

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