Favorite Gross Motor Equipment for the Summer

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Posted on Jun 10 2015 - 3:00pm by Cassie
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Summer is here for a lot of us. It is one of my favorite times because you can get outside. There are so many different types of gross motor ideas for the outside. We have some favorite equipment that use use often. What I mean by often is at least once a day we use it outside. It is fun to get out an explore the world.

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Each summer there are 4 main pieces of equipment that we use: sidewalk chalk, jump rope, Chinese jumprope (Colors May Vary) and Cones.

What I like best about these are that they are flexible in their use. We can always change up how we use them.

Sidewalk Chalk

There are so many things you can do with sidewalk chalk outside. You are not limited at all with what you can create. My girls love making their own hop scotch and putting different words of numbers in the squares. You can always change it up by simple washing off the chalk. This is also easy for adults to join in the gross motor as well.

Here are a few fun ideas for Sidewalk Chalk:

  • Make lines on the ground for them to walk
  • Hopscotch with letters, numbers, shapes, skip counting, words (CVC, CVCC, or sight words)
  • Write words on the ground for them to act out. Exmaple : Jump three times, hop on left foot, etc

Jump Rope

Jump ropes are great for kids to use. They build a lot of skills. You will learn to do two things at the same time: turn the rope and jumping. They are easy to find during the summer and not so easy after the summer is over. I have a few extras around just in case one of them breaks. If your kids don’t know how to jump rope. You can always start on learning how to use a jump rope this summer.

After they get really good at jumping try a few fun jump rope ideas:

  • Counting how many times they can jump without messing up.
  • Count backwards from a starting number
  • Say the ABCs each time you jump
  • Count each jump with skip counting

Chinese Jumprope

The Chinese Jumprope does require at least 3 people to do, but is fun. When you buy this gross motor, get one that has a routines to try. If you can’t find one you don’t always have to have it. My girls love just jumping between the ropes. I will also do the gross motor activities with them. You will jump, twist, and smile while doing this summer gross motor activity.

Here are some fun ideas for your Chinese jumprope:

  • Jump in and out from both right and left sides with two feet
  • Jump on and off the rope
  • Jump in one foot at a time
  • Create fun jumping patterns on your own
  • See how long you can jump in and out without touching the rope


Cones are some of my favorite gross motor equipment. They can be used for many things. They are easy place holders for races or simple running patterns. They are easy to store and can be used with other gross motor equipment as well.

Here are some fun ideas to do with your cones:

  • Create a colored cone course for them to run
  • Create a line and zig zag around the cones
  • Be the plates for kick ball
  • Make a jumping course with them
  • Mark an area to play in

Each of these can be a lot of fun with several ways they can be used. Summer is a great time to just get out and have some fun.

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