The Nose that Knows Milo The Dog’s Sensory Bin Adventure

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Posted on May 14 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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Are you passionate about the unique personality of your furry friend in your family? I know that for our family all of our doggies have very unique personalities. Milo is no different. He is full of lively personality and has a nose for food. There is no doubt that you will all fall in love with Milo by reading this review and doing Milo’s sensory bin adventure all inspired by the storybook from Parragon called The Nose that Knows written by Malachy Doyle. So get ready to join Milo in his out this world food adventure! 

The Nose that Knows Milo The Dogs Sensory Bin Adventure

Before I get much further into this review and sensory I would like to say that I was given a free copy of the book to assist in this review by Parragon.  For full details you can read my disclosures found HERE

The Nose that Knows

The Nose that Knows

This book takes your child on a fun journey with so many ways to add in some fun learning! With beautiful illustrations, relatable antics by Milo the dog for any dog owner, and relatable characters, this story is sure to be a hit with any child. As with many picture books the story itself is not a long story; however, picture books are about diving into the imagery as well since it tells just as much about the characters or story line as the words. 

Milo’s nose for food leads him away from his family but ultimately his nose is what leads him home. With a valuable lesson being taught in the end that you can travel the world but in the end home is where your heart belongs. 

Milo The Dogs Sensory Bin Adventure


After reading The Nose that Knows storybook the kids and I just knew that there was a learning opportunity just waiting to be had. Milo’s story focused on his out this world journey following his sense of smell. Why not create some of the scenes from the storybook and open up a fun scientific discussion in the process about one of the five sense, smell. 

What will I need?

To make this sensory bin exploring snails you will need the following materials:

Milo The Dogs Sensory Bin Adventure

Once you have all your materials assembled, it is time to start making the pieces. Start by using the spray glue to glue one piece of the kraft paper on each side of the foam piece. After a few minutes, once the spray glue is completely dry, hand draw Milo the dog on the kraft paper. 

Milo The Dogs Sensory Bin Adventure

Then take a piece of wax paper and lay it out. Use the puffy paint to make Milo’s spots and nose, hot dogs, pizza, apple, and French fries that are just some of the foods showcased in the storybook about Milo’s journey. To make these items, layer puffy paint in various colors on the wax paper and allow the puffy paint to dry. Once it is dry you should be able to pull it off safely and have a fun little hands-on part of your sensory bin. 

Milo The Dogs Sensory Bin Adventure

Sensory Bin Assembly

Once you have all your pieces dried and off the wax paper, Milo is ready for his sensory adventure! It is time to make your sensory bin. Carefully cut a section of the paper grass mat to fit roughly half of your sensory bin. This grass mat is truly so versatile, easy, and makes hands-on lessons SO much fun! You can see the grass mat in action by watching my video. Then we added some of the squishy sand into the other half of the sensory bin to represent the moon. 

Milo The Dogs Sensory Bin Adventure

Then, place all the pieces you made, the mat, and your sand into the sensory bin. Now, you are ready for some sensory play! I highly suggest encouraging your child to begin playing in the sensory bin while you read the story. Then, once you have completed reading the story open up discussions about smell and why certain foods may have a stronger smell than others. This conversation lead to discussions about foods cooked in an oven versus a BBQ, what causes food to spoil, good versus bad smells, and recycling/composting. 

Hopefully you and your children or students can have as much fun as we did using this hands-on learning with sensory bins focusing on the “smell” of food inspired by the storybook The Nose that Knows by Malachy Doyle. 

Will you be adding this storybook to your home library? 

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