Preparing to Home School: Virtual Book Clubs for Kids

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Posted on May 19 2015 - 3:00pm by Erika ~ Pray Species
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Virtual book clubs for kids are an awesome way to find inspiration and camaraderie for both kids and parents.  Following or belonging to a book club can help parents find stories that other children of similar ages and interests have found enjoyable.  Thanks to virtual book clubs, we have found several absolutely fantastic books and authors that have quickly become beloved family favorites.    

Preparing to Home School:  Virtual Book Clubs for Kids

Most virtual book clubs provide activities and crafts that compliment a selected story. Some book clubs pick one specific book for all participants to read, while others select a monthly topic, learning objective, or author.  For instance, some book clubs celebrate Dr. Seuss during his birthday month, March.  Several of his popular children’s books will often be featured along with thematically appropriate ideas for creating crafts, snacks, science experiments, printables, party ideas, games, learning activities, and more.  A quick search on Pinterest for Dr. Seuss inspired book related activities will quickly yield enough family fun ideas to keep you and your kids busy for months, if not years Smile 

Virtual book clubs are a fantastic way to ease into home schooling, especially with young children.  Many of the book clubs select themes and books that are very conducive to early educational goals, such as learning about animals, colors, and weather.  Finding simple, fun, and educational activities to accompany favorite books is made simple and enjoyable through virtual book clubs. 

Virtual book clubs are also an enjoyable, relaxed way to connect with bloggers and find families that are pursuing educational and recreational pursuits similar to your family’s interests.  Your family doesn’t need to have a blog to participate in virtual book clubs.  Several of my favorite “clubbers” choose to share their creations via Facebook or Instagram.  Our family has found field trip recommendations, craft ideas, and recipes, while making a few virtual friends along the way.  Since the book club is virtual, getting in touch with members to ask questions about finding a book or crafting material is very simple.  It’s also a lot of fun to share your family’s version of a recommended craft or activity with the original poster or creator.   

Our family has really enjoyed participating in the Poppins Book Nook Virtual Book Club with Enchanted Home Schooling Mom.  Each month, a selected topic is provided (see image below) and we pick a book and book related activity of interest at an appropriate age level for our kids.  Participation is FREE.  Our most recent story was “Oso bajo el sol,” a Spanish board book that focused on learning weather terminology.  Our craft was a simple, but fun weather wheel that we keep near our front door.  As an added bonus, there is also a fun giveaway specific to the monthly theme each month!   

Poppins Book Nook Themes for 2015 - 2016

Toddler Approved has a Virtual Book Club for Kids focusing on books by a specific author each month.  Toddler Approved also offers a Summer Camp Virtual Book Club in conjunction with The Educator’s Spin On It and Rainy Day Mum.  The summer camp comes with a newsletter, craft and activity instructions, and a supplies list, but does cost between $8.99 and $10.00 depending on when you register.  The next summer session starts on June 15th and is appropriate for kids ages 2-5.

Home School Mosiacs offers a a FREE book club, which lists a specific book selection for both younger and older children each month.  For instance, in January the younger children were reading “The Snowy Day,” while the older children were tackling “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.”  This book club gives bloggers an opportunity to link their own blog posts sharing their experiences reading the book and any crafts or activities their children completed.  Our Adventure Story also hosts a FREE monthly themed book club that encourages participants to select their own books and activities. 

Do you and your family participate in a Virtual Kids Book Club?  Do you have a favorite book or activity that you have completed?

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