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Posted on May 23 2015 - 3:14pm by Jill
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Sometimes learning can be a tough process for children. When you are learning at home in a homeschooling environment your children can get just as anxious as children in regular brick-and-mortar schools. At some brick-and-mortar schools there are recesses and down time between classes or subjects to help re-focus children, or at least reset their attention and focus for the next learning exercise, depending on the grade level of course. When you are a homeschooling family this can be easy or hard depending on your children’s learning styles. I know that Beck and Elizabeth sometimes have a hard time refocusing their attentions between subjects, so I created this fun, different, and absolutely FREE Have a Laugh Break Weekly Chart with a Disney theme to help my children re-focus during the day.

An easy, free, and fun version of a brain break for homeschooling families that will successfully help your child refocus. Download this FREE instant download today!

In some schools children are allowed typical ‘brain breaks’ where they can get up and play a game, run around, have a short structured activity, or play outside for recess. This is usually because the children are sitting in their desks for such a long time, all at once and can experience issues with pent-up energy. As homeschoolers this is not really an issue for us. We can take our schooling outside, to the couch, to one of our new window seats, or just about anywhere. What I have found is that Beck and Elizabeth sometimes start to lose focus especially after a challenging lesson. In the past I have let them play a little, read a free reading book, get a snack or watch a brief video. This seemed to work for a while until I noticed that they were taking more and more time. They would ask for or I would give them a quick break and then I would look up and it was over 10 minutes and they still had not refocused.

Then it dawned on me one day: limit and focus the time into something they like and then they will be able to re-focus on their school work. So, I started looking around for some ideas to start with, but each time I just came back to Disney’s new Mickey video shorts. We are a Disney family, as you may or may not know, so it is a great fit. And since they are all under 5 minutes, they are perfect. So, with that in mind I researched the shorts a little more and found a free Mickey Video App too! To bring it all together I created this fun and FREE printable Pause for a Laugh Weekly Chart!

Making and using your own copy of this fun and FREE brain break activity is as easy 1-2-3!

Step 1: Download the FREE printable

Start by downloading your very own copy of the Pause For A Laugh FREE Printable Weekly Chart below. You will need one copy per child.

Step 2: Watch my video on how to make your individualized Pause For A Laugh Free Printable Weekly Charts

Once you have the printable downloaded, please watch my original instructional video to learn how to make your own individualized Pause For A Laugh Free Printable Weekly Chart. You will need the free Disney Side App.

Step 3: Download the Mickey Video App

Lastly, download the free Disney Mickey Video App from Disney and you are now set-up and ready for your very own homeschooling brain breaks with your very own individualized Pause For A Laugh Free Printable Weekly Chart! Each student can use them 8 times per week to watch the Mickey Video shorts while they re-focus for their next homeschooling lesson, but only at the end of a current lesson!

Would you like to add this fun brain break idea to your homeschooling lessons? Then why not instantly download and use this for FREE by simply clicking the link below and following the instructions in my video found HERE.

*By instantly downloading this material you are agreeing to all my terms of use and disclosures that can be found HERE and HERE. You are not permitted to link directly to the PDF document itself. If you would like to share this free document with a friend please send them to this blog post to download their free copy. Thank you! 

Have a Laugh Break

Thank you for taking the time to see if and how my FREE Pause For A Laugh FREE Printable Weekly Chart can benefit you and your homeschoolers today!

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