Caldecott Medal Storybook Fun with Extra Yarn

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Posted on May 25 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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I hope that you and your children are having fun learning alongside the Poppins Book Nook participants. Last month we explored and created storybook activities themed to farms. This month’s new theme is Caldecott Medal books and is sure to have a lot of variety and fun for everyone since there is a lot of variety to be had from the numerous Caldecott Medal books in a wide scope of topics and subjects. There is sure to be some storybook fun for every child out there at every reading level.

Have some hands-on reading comprehension fun with the Caldecott Medal storybook Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.

Yet again, this month we had a lot of hard decisions to make at our local library because the month’s theme of Caldecott Medal books is such a diverse topic and there are so many to choose from. While looking around, one in particular really caught our eye.  The Caldecott Medal book that caught our eye was Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett. This fun storybook follows a young girl who likes to create fun things with her magical box of endless yarn for everyone nice she meets.

Extra Yarn

This month we dove into the world of Caldecott Medal Books with Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett. This book is full of fun imagery and has a wondrous story about Annabelle, a young girl from a cold little town that finds a box filled with yarn of every color she could imagine. She has a fun trying to use up all her yarn, but throughout the story she realizes that there is enough yarn for her to knit items for everyone in her town, the animals she encounters, and almost everything else too. Then, when someone else steals the box for their own use they find that it does not work for them. The morale of the story is that when you are kindhearted and look out for others before yourself and you do the right thing, then you will be rewarded. Annabelle is rewarded with the return of her box of yarn after it is stolen. To go with this storybook, Elizabeth and I just had to make a fun Extra Yarn Storybook Craft!

Extra Yarn Storybook Craft

To make your very own Extra Yarn Storybook Reading Comprehension Craft you will need the following materials:

Have some hands-on reading comprehension fun with the Caldecott Medal storybook Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.

Start by reading the Extra Yarn storybook by Mac Bennett by yourself. Then, come up with 8-10 reading comprehension questions that pertain to your child’s learning level. Then, select a length of yarn that will allow you to connect all the questions together and be able to be wrapped into one big ball. Then, write your reading comprehension questions on a piece of masking tape. Attach the questions to the yarn by folding the masking tape over the yarn.

Have some hands-on reading comprehension fun with the Caldecott Medal storybook Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.

Then, once you have all your questions completed you should be able to create a long line of questions out of your yarn. Then, prepare your box by painting it whatever color you want. Elizabeth chose for us to use brown on ours.

Have some hands-on reading comprehension fun with the Caldecott Medal storybook Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.

Next, it is time to make your knitting needles. I used popsicle sticks and painted them black. Once they were dry I used craft glue to attach black pom poms to them on one end to make them look like knitting needles like the ones Annabelle used in the storybook.

Have some hands-on reading comprehension fun with the Caldecott Medal storybook Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.

Once the glue is dry, wrap your yarn (with questions) into a ball and place it inside your box.

You are now ready to read Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett with your children or students. When you are done you can use your new Caldecott Medal winning storybook Extra Yarn Storybook Craft to test their reading comprehension!

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