Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin

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Posted on May 16 2015 - 3:00pm by Samantha (Stir the Wonder)
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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sensory Bins Series! This month I am back with a new sensory bin! Sensory bins are a lot of fun, but are also a great way to incorporate some hands-on learning! I like to tie in great children’s literature with my sensory bins, so that is what I am going to try to do as a contributor for Enchanted Homeschooling Mom each month. I find that sensory bins combined with a good children’s book is a great way to introduce new books or topics to my son. It also allows him to sit and listen to longer books while keeping his hands busy. 

Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin

Incorporated into this month’s sensory bin is a fun, hands-on science lesson. We read the book Are You an Ant? by Judy Allen while playing with this bin and exploring the ant’s life cycle. This beautifully illustrated book takes children through the day-to-day experiences of an ant’s life while comparing it to their own lives. It’s a great way for preschoolers to learn about these tiny insects.

Supplies Needed for Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin:

Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin 4

To set up this sensory bin is really simple! You probably have the filler in your shed or garage! First, fill your bin with a layer of potting soil. Then add in the mini plastic ant toys and ant life cycle figures. Now your Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin is ready for play!

Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin 1

As your children explore the sensory bin and play with the little ants, you can read the book Are You an Ant? and talk about how ants are similar and different from people. You can also point out the different stages of an ant’s life and identify the eggs, larvae, pupa and adult ant figures.

Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin 3

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