Spring Themed Gross Motor

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Posted on Apr 2 2015 - 1:00am by Cassie
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One of my favorite activities to with my girls is gross motor and book activities. Today’s spring themed gross motor is that type of activity. It is fun and easy to do plus gets kids moving along with reading.

Spring Themed Gross Motor

We used the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog!. I love these series of books because them build on each other and are fun for kids to listen to while you read. This book also makes some fun ideas for gross motor.

What you need for this activity:
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog!, photo dice, and part 1 from the Spring Pack 2.

Spring Themed Gross Motor

Gross Motor Movements

The first time we do the movements we do it while we read the book. Each time you say the word for one of the key movements you do that movement before you read on in the book. This is fun. Here is some information on what movements we do for each activity.

Old Lady: You walk slowly across the room. This is a challenge to see how slow they can walk.
Frog: You do frog jumps across the room.
Dirt: Just pretend to dig dirt and throw it behind the body.
Seeds: We rolled around on the ground.
Rain: Wiggle fingers while slowly lowering to the ground.
Sunlight: She jumped up and stuck out her arms and legs.
Gloves: Pretend to put on gloves with really exaggerated big movements
Rake: We pretended to rake and moved backwards
Garden: We pretending to be flowers that are slowly growing up.

Spring Themed Gross Motor

Using the Dice for the Activity

I cut up the first page of the 3 part cards and put them in the die. This is fun because it gives them something to do that is fun. She loves throwing the die to see what she will do next.

Six of the pictures will fit into the die of the 9 images. I switch up the images as we do the activities. This gives them a chance to see all the movements.

My girls will play with a gross motor die for a long time and love it. Who can walk the slowest. Who can dig the dirt the best.

Spring Themed Gross Motor

Also remember when doing this to ask them not to throw the die at people! You never know what will happen.

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