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Posted on Apr 5 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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Do you or a loved one like sharks, or at least want to learn about them? How about adding a fun hands-on lesson to your day that is full of fun facts too?  With sharks in mind, I set out to create a fun shark themed project for the Hands-On Activities for Kids Monthly Link-Up that would not only be fun to make, but also a blast to use over and over again. My hope is that these Shark Lacing Cards with fun facts are just what you need to help make your hands-on on lessons learning about sharks more fun! 

Hands-On Activities for Kids

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Guide to Hands-on Planning

Make sure to stop by Stir the Wonder to see her Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Lesson Planning as well to help make hands-on learning a breeze!  Sometimes reading facts in a book is just not enough or can be too complicated for a young child. That’s where hands-on exploring and learning comes into the picture making learning an interactive and exciting experience. 

Shark Lacing Cards

This month my children and I created a very fun activity to learn about sharks with. This shark themed hands-on lesson utilizes fun facts, colorful pictures, and hands-on lacing skill practice. Each lacing card is associated with a different shark that is sure to be fun for your child or students that is learning about the predators of the seas and oceans. While they are learning some fun facts about each shark they can also practice their motor skills of lacing with them. 

Materials Needed

To make your very own Shark Lacing Cards with fun facts you will need the following materials:

  • Shark Lacing Card Printable
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Pretty String or Yarn 

To make your Shark Lacing Cards with fun facts I would print them on cardstock paper. I would then cut out the outlines of the sharks and the facts cards. I want mine to last a long time, so I laminated my set. To laminate them I would recommend using the Scotch Thermal Laminator to help the lacing cards last longer. Then, fold the fact cards in half and laminate them too. To finish off the lacing cards, simply use a single hole punch to punch out the white circle patterns. Lastly, it is now time to play and learn with your new Shark Lacing Cards with fun facts! 

How to Have Fun Learning with these Shark Lacing Cards

Now that the Shark Lacing Cards and fun facts are done being made, there are a lot of different ways to use them in your hands-on lesson. Here is our family’s favorite way to play, learn, and use the Shark Lacing Cards: 

Flip over all the shark fact cards so that only their color and outline are being shown and not the side with the fun facts. Then, when a shark lacing comes up in your lesson, your children should be able to identify the matching shark. While your child or student is lacing up their sharks they can read and learn about all the different sharks in the Shark Lacing Cards and fun facts. 

Would you like to add these fun Shark Lacing Cards with fun arts on them to your lessons today? Then, you will have to subscribe, for free, to the newsletter from Stir the Wonder. Once you subscribe you will be able to download and use this fun hands-on activity for you and your children. As an added bonus to Enchanted Homeschooling Mom readers, Stir the Wonder created a very fun and useful Ultimate Guide to Hands-On Lesson Planning. This document will only be available to newsletter subscribers of Stir the Wonder

I hope that you can have as much fun with your very own Shark Lacing Cards with fun facts as we have!

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Are your ready to lace up some sharks today or plan out your hands-on lesson planning?

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