Little Learners Preschool Weather Pack

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Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 1:00am by Erika ~ Pray Species
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I’m so excited to be joining the printable team at Enchanted Home Schooling Mom.  I’ve been writing a series of articles for Jill for a little over a year called Preparing to Home School.  I have two toddlers at home and am always trying to find new ways to keep their busy and curious hands out of trouble and engaged in fun, interactive, and educational play. 

Little Learners Preschool Weather Pack

My goal with creating Little Learners Printable Packs is to provide simple, fun, active, and interactive games that can be played with toddlers and preschoolers.  I have used all of the activities you find in these packs with my daughter who is two and a half years old.  My son is only one, so although he is able to join in some activities (sign language, activity cards, etc.), he mostly just enjoys watching his sister and occasionally taking off with her crayons!  

 Here is what is included:


Allowing children to name items they may already recognize will build confidence, while helping them to identify new items can help expand their knowledge base.

Size Differentiation

This activity helps children begin to identify size differences using items they will recognize from the identification page.  

Miniature Puzzles

These simple puzzles give children an opportunity to have fun while practicing basic pattern recognition.


 This page provides the opportunity for your child to start learning relationships between items.

Where do I belong?

This exercise helps your child learn to recognize context clues. Images of objects are matched to appropriate corresponding scenarios. 

Letter Match

Before children have the fine motor control to form letters, shapes, and numbers, they are able to recognize them. This activity allows children to express their recognition and understanding of letters, shapes, and/or numbers without rushing them to try tracing or writing before they are ready.


This is the classic game Bingo using simple themed clues. Have fun watching your child learn as you play this game!

Same vs Different

This exercise is aimed at helping your child recognize patterns and relationships between images.

Let’s Count

Many young children are able to memorize how to count to ten or higher. Fewer are able to conceptualize how many that number actually represents. This page is focused on helping children start to understand how many is meant by two or three.


This is an active exercise allowing children to group objects into one of two categories. It is also used to introduce new concepts.

What Comes Next?

Young children often thrive on routine, because it offers them a chance to more fully understand their world. This activity aims to help children recognize common patterns of occurrence in everyday life by helping them to anticipate and understand order.

Fill the dots

Toddlers and preschoolers love to color, but many lack the fine motor coordination to color within the lines. This page provides young children the opportunity to complete an image without putting too much focus on the final product.


Have fun playing this classic game in a toddler and preschool friendly package.

Let’s Sign

The benefits of sign language are tremendous for young children and can assist with language development, comprehension, and retention. Enjoy practicing these signs with your children.


Learning just a few words or phrases in a foreign language can be fun and increase children’s acceptance of learning a new language.

Scavenger Hunt and Crown Craft

Scavenger hunts are a great way of getting children excited about learning.  Enjoy searching for the items with your child and then watch them smile as you attach the found item to their paper crown.  

Activity Cards

One of the most rewarding and challenging parts of raising toddlers and preschoolers is keeping them engaged. These cards give you the tools to focus their wiggles and giggles, while having a great time!   

In summary, here are the great elements that you can find in my Little Learners Preschool Weather Pack:
  • Identification
  • Size Differentiation
  • Miniature Puzzles
  • Matching
  • Where do I belong?
  • Letter Match
  • Bingo
  • Same vs Different
  • Let’s Count
  • Category
  • What Comes Next?
  • Fill the dots
  • Memory
  • Let’s Sign
  • Spanish
  • Scavenger Hunt and Crown Craft
  • Activity Cards

Little Learners Preschool Weather Packet

Would you like to use this weather themed pack aimed at toddlers and preschoolers with your child? Please click the link below to download a FREE copy of the Little Learners Preschool Weather Pack:

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 Little Learners Preschool Weather Pack 

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My little one is a huge rainy day fan!  What weather does your little one love the most?

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