Finding Nemo DIY Postcard Craft

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Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 1:00am by Susan
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It is safe to say my family is a Disney family! Several years ago we had an opportunity to move to Florida.  Now we are fortunate to live close enough to Walt Disney World to visit on a fairly regular basis. Because we are BIG Disney/Pixar fans, our favorite characters from the big screen often serve as inspiration for learning and craft projects in our home. For our most recent project, we created colorful Finding Nemo themed DIY postcards using chalk pastels.

Finding Nemo DIY Postcard Craft

We enjoy creating unique artwork using chalk pastels because pastels are colorful, a little bit messy (in a good way), and are easy for all ages to use. Since we have already decorated our walls with many of our chalk art masterpieces, we are now looking for ways to share our art projects with others. For this project we decided to turn our chalk art creations into postcards we could mail to family and friends.

The idea of postcards came from Dory’s famous line in Finding Nemo: “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, NSW”. By creating a postcard kids can capture the beauty of the seas using their artistic skills and practice a practical skill such as correctly writing an address on a piece of mail.

Postcard Basics

Yes! You can make your own postcards. Here are a few important tips about post cards from the United Postal Service.

Post cards must be:

  • Rectangular in shape
  • A single sheet of paper
  • Height: 3 ½” min/ 4 ¼” max
  • Length: 5 ½” min/ 6”max
  • Thickness: .0007” min/ ¼” max (as a guide, an index card is thick enough)
  • Oversized cards will be charged as a letter

The address should be printed on the right side of the back of the postcard. A postcard rate stamp must be affixed in the top right corner above the address.

Finding Nemo DIY Chalk Art Postcard

Here are the details for helping your children create chalk pastel post cards at home.


  • Heavy card stock
  • Ruler, scissors, pencil
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Single Sided Self-Seal Laminating Sheets
  • Pen
  • Postage Stamp

DIY Postcard Supplies

Steps for Creating Your Postcard: 

  1. Use the ruler, pencil, and scissors to mark and cut heavy card stock into a 3 ½” x 5 ½” rectangle.
  2. Use chalk pastels to create a Nemo and friends themed image on one side of the card stock. We used step-by-step tutorials from the e-book “Chalk Pastels: Art at the Beach” to help us create a clownfish, blue tang, sea turtle, star fish, jellyfish, shark, ocean scenes and more. If your kids prefer, they could design their postcards using color pencils, markers, stickers, etc.
  3. Next, you want to protect your artwork using a laminating sheet. The chalk will continue to rub-off, therefore a laminating sheet is needed to “seal” the chalk in before you send your post card in the mail. We used single sided self-seal laminating sheets and just laminated the front of the postcard (the side your child decorates). *Do NOT laminate the back of the postcard! You will need the card stock surface on the back to write a note and the address.

DIY Postcard Craft How to

  1. On the back of the postcard, use the pen to draw a line down the center of the card. Your child can write a note the recipient on the left side of the line and clearly write the recipient’s address to the right of the line.
  2. Attach a postage stamp in the top right corner above the address and put your postcard in the mailbox to send it on it’s way.

Family and friends will be thrilled to receive this special Finding Nemo inspired original art work and hand-written note from your child. I’m sure they will be shouting “Mine, Mine, Mine…” as they add this unique piece to their art collection!  

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