DIY Workboxes from Recycled Boxes

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Posted on Mar 1 2015 - 3:00pm by Jill
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Being a homeschooling mom that lives rural, sometimes it is better to allow the fingers to do the shopping. On those easy shopping trips over a cup of my favorite coffee I sometimes let my Amazon Prime membership earn its weight in gold. Then, a few days later we get a bunch of boxes on our door step. With the right project in mind, I started saving some boxes and came up with a great idea for recycling the boxes by making DIY Workboxes since our original workbox carts, that I save up for months to purchase, only lasted a month due to a defect in the manufacturing.

DIY Workboxes from Recycled Boxes

The best part about these DIY Workboxes is that you can use them with any sized boxes, as long as you have enough of them for your purpose. I decided that since we have a few extra shelves not in use I would switch things up a little and try out some boxes that are about 12 inches tall and about 4 inches wide, but you can make them out of whatever you wish. For my materials I saved up some USPS Postal Boxes and scrounged up some of my extra paints. 

Materials Needed

To make these DIY Workboxes for your own homeschool you will need the following materials:

  • 1 Box per subject
  • Paint
  • Sharp knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

DIY Workboxes from Recycled Boxes

  • The first step is the hardest. Start by selecting a size of box that best meets your needs and start ordering things and shipping them to your home. When they get to your house, make sure you carefully open them up. Be sure to remove all the labels and excess tape, but you do not have to open all the sides. I actually left one side closed so that I knew they were all the same size. I would also recommend that when you are storing your boxes you do not let them get crushed or flattened. I had to get rid of a few that had some warping, but since they are not new boxes some damage could occur in shipping. 
  • So, once you have all the boxes prepared it is as easy as finding a shape you want to use. I decided on a long side and a medium side so that normal papers could stand straight up. I used one box as a template and had my son Beck help me measure and mark up cut lines with a ruler and pencil on the other boxes. 
  • Next, I had Beck try to use his scissors, but we just could not get them to cut the thick cardboard. I ended having to up a using a sharp box cutter to cut the boxes. I made sure to use Beck’s marked lines to make them all as identical as possible. 
  • Then, use your favorite paint to complete them.

DIY Workboxes from Recycled Boxes

Viola! You now have your own DIY Workboxes! 

Once they are completely dry, the only thing left to do is to make sure you know which box is which. I like to use themed and core workbox tags like my Paris Themed Workbox Tags, Mutant Ninja Turtle Workbox Tags, and some of my Printable Workbox Tags HERE with Boy Bricks, Brave, Core Subjects, Girl Bricks, Princess, Racing, Rubber Ducks, Snow Belle, Super Hero, or Trains. 

You can also see a random workbox in the upper right corner of the picture. I use this special and differently painted one to keep all my unique and repeated exercises in where I can easy find them. This way the special cards I have made for activities like special lessons, free reading, lesson with mom, park day, field trip, experiment with dad, computer play etc. are easy to find and are kept within a quick hands span of the workboxes. This also has the added effect of keeping them safe and sound in one easy to find location without getting scattered. 

DIY Lesson Organizer - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

For another fun way to use recycled packing boxes you can also try my DIY Lesson Organizer

Do you want to make your own DIY workboxes from your received packages?

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