DIY Baymax Quiet Jar

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Posted on Mar 18 2015 - 3:00pm by Jill
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If you follow along with my family’s journey you might remember that my son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder with primary diagnosis centered around auditory sounds/needs, among a buffet table long of other things. One of the things that our travels have taught us is that we need to keep calm down and quiet jars within reach to help him refocus when he gets overloaded. Not to mention I have found these jars extremely helpful in diffusing sibling arguments when they occur. With this in mind, I have kept my eyes out for different ways to make calm down jars and to make different themed ones as well. One fun and super easy idea I had is this fun one of my own creation, my DIY Baymax Quiet Jar! 

DIY Baymax Quiet Jar

Ever since we were able to get a copy of the Disney movie Big Hero 6, Beck and Elizabeth have been watching it a bunch. They like playing with their toys from the movie and we have been including some Disney fun in our lessons with Big Hero 6 FREE Hands-On Science Printables, Big Hero 6 FREE Coloring Pages, and learning how to Draw Big Hero 6 Characters. We all love Baymax in our home, so it was only natural to include it in ours with a fun DIY Baymax Quiet Jar. 

*Quick note of thanks: I first learned about quiet/calm down jars and how to create them from the super talented Lemon Lime Adventures. Her Lego Calm Down Jar is what started my family’s craze with them and I have found that customizing the bottles makes a huge difference for each child. 

Materials Needed

To make your very own DIY Baymax Quiet Jar you will need the following materials:

DIY Baymax Quiet Jar

To bring this fun DIY project to life I would love to simply show you how to make this project. With that in mind, once you have gathered your supplies, please follow the instructions in this fun video that I created to show you exactly how to make your very own DIY Baymax Quiet Jar. I made this video in real time to hopefully show not only how easy it is to make, but also once you see the video you will be able to make your own in less than 10 minutes! The video is not time compressed or chunked and shows all the steps from start to finish. 


I used foam to make Baymax shoot like a rocket inside of the bottle to help my kids focus on him “taking off” and the general anticipation of waiting for Baymax to take flight in order to calm down and center their thoughts. The foam is perfect for this as it flies through the jar like Baymax does through the sky.  Beck really likes how Baymax flies around the jar. He has used this a couple of times and it is becoming his favorite calm down jar in the house now. 

DIY Baymax Quiet Jar

Are you planning to make your own DIY Baymax Quiet Jar?

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