Cloud fun for Kids with the Cloud Book PLUS Free Printable

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Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 11:00am by Jill
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I hope that you and your children are having fun learning alongside the Poppins Book Nook participants. Last month we explored and created storybook activities around poetry. This month’s new theme is the Weather and sure to have a lot of variety and fun for everyone. There are a lot of fun things to learn about when it comes to weather like temperatures, thunder, lightning, rain, snow, and so much more! 

Weather Detective

This month we had a lot of hard decisions to make, once again, at our local library. This is because the month’s theme of weather is a fun one that has so many different avenues to explore. It also fit in that we are also getting into my original 12 unit, 150+ page Weather Detective Curriculum (you can find out more about my Weather Detective Science Curriculum HERE). I planned ahead so that this month we would be doing the chapter on Clouds. To go along with this we selected a few storybooks to go have storybook fun with clouds and had a really fun time reading and getting to know The Cloud Book by Tomie DePaola. Long time readers will know that any Tomie DePaola storybook is a great resource for my children because we all love his work. 

The Cloud Book

The book we chose had lots of great imagery, as any Tomie DePaola storybook does. It takes a really in-depth look at clouds. This fit perfectly with our chapter on Clouds from my Weather Detective Curriculum that we are also learning about. In our lessons and storybook fun we learned about the four major types of clouds: cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and cumulonimbus clouds. Each one is presented in a fun way, and more, in the storybook. Then, in the cloud lesson we got an in-depth look into each cloud’s appearance, how they form, what they are made of and more. To help with this I decided that I needed a fun way to help my children remember their cloud facts. 

Cloud fun for Kids with the Cloud Book PLUS Free Printable

To help remember all the facts about clouds we learned from my Weather Detective Curriculum and to reinforce the storybook fun, I created this fun and FREE Cloud Wheel. Each type of cloud is pictured on the wheel and multiple facts are provided, hidden under the wheel. As you learn about each of the four types of clouds there are three facts that will help your child or students determine which type of cloud they are looking at in the sky. This fun and interactive cloud identification tool is sure to be a fun way to help your child learn their cloud types. 

Would you like to use this fun Cloud Wheel for yourself with your children or students as you learn about the different types of clouds? Then why not download a copy of this Cloud Wheel for FREE by clicking on the instant download link below!

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Weather Theme – Cloud Wheel

Poppins Book Nook March 2015 Activity Pack

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Thank you for taking the time to read about the fun we had with the topic of the weather, clouds, and my one of my favorite storybook artists, Tomie DePaola.  Here are some other fun themed story books that your child may enjoy for the theme of weather: 


Poppins Book Nook

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Mary Poppins inspired clip art by the talented: Melonheadz. All other clip art by:  Cloud Street ~ Dancing Crayons. Cloud Wheel clip art by Edu Clips.

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