Carrot Word Family Activity

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Posted on Mar 28 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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Are you working on or looking to work on word families in your lessons? Then why not a fun spring themed version to your lessons today with this fun Carrot Word Family Activity? This hands-on activity will test your child’s knowledge of word families while they play a fun game too. They will have fun pulling carrots out of the ‘ground’ and determining which word family it goes with. 

Carrot Word Family Activity

This fun game is not only easy to play and learn with, but it is also easy to set-up and make. Once you have your word families you want to work, it is really easy to make. I would suggest word families that have at least 3 words that can be made. In order to get started you will need the following materials:

Start out by selecting your word families. Select one word family per carrot you have. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • -ab     c, cr, gr, sl
  • -ad     b, m, s, d
  • -og     d, f, fr, l
  • -ub     c, cl, scr, t
  • -ut     b, n, p, sh
  • – in     sk, t, w, ch
  • – ar     j, st, f, c
  • -am     sw, h, j, cl
  • -ed     b, r, sh
  • -at     b, fl, ch, m
  • -ip     r, d, ch, z
  • -it     s, qu, gr, spl
  • -et     b, g w, p

Once you have the word families that you want to use, whether they are from this list or are others, start making your carrots one at a time. Start by writing the end of the word family on the back portion of the carrot that has the stem.  Then, write one of the start letters (or series of letters) on the other half of the carrot. Make sure that when the two pieces are lined up they can make the words in the word family. Then, spin the tip of the carrot evenly and write another start to a word in that family. Continue this until you have make all of your Carrot Word Families. 

Carrot Word Family Activity

Once all the carrots are made, it is time to play the game. Spread out the paper grass mat (which I just love now! They are fun to play with and fold right back up to use again). Then, pull the word family carrots apart and place the back ends in the grass, sticking up like they were growing. Place all of the carrot tips aside. Once all the carrots are placed, have your child ‘pull’ a carrot out of the grass and find the matching tip to make the word families. Viola! You now have your very own Carrot Word Family Activity! 

Would you like to see a fun video that shows not only how to make this fun game; but also how to play it? 


Hopefully you and your children or students can have fun making, playing, and learning with this fun hands-on Carrot Word Family Activity. 

How do you make learning word families fun and engaging?

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