How To Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine Naturally and Easily

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Posted on Feb 2 2015 - 3:00pm by Jill
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Welcome back to the monthly series called Enchanted Home Cleaning Secrets! Living rural with a natural well water system that then feeds all of our household waste water out to the trees and landscaping on our property, I am always testing out new ways to clean things around the home without using any harsh chemicals. I try to do this because I love my trees and the wildlife around our home. We love the peaceful nature around our rural home and do not want to accidentally kill everything with cleaners.

How To Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine Naturally and Easily

Something that I have always struggled with is that yucky layer of dirt, laundry soap, dog hair, and just plain icky things that can often build up in the front rubber lip of a front loading washing machine. Over the years, I have found every tip that I have ever been told or read that cleans the rubber utilizes bleach. Bleach is the number one chemical that is never coming into our home or being routed out onto our trees because it will also kill the plants.

The best part of this all natural DIY fix to cleaning your front loading is that it will only cost you one 8 oz. bottle of vinegar and several old (but clean) socks to achieve these results. Living in the country I find that the kids, my husband, and I seem to go through socks like nobody’s business. The 6 indoor dogs, 3 of which go crazy chasing the kid’s feet through the house and playing tug of war with their socks probably does not help this situation ether, but needless to say, I keep a bag of socks with holes in them under the kitchen sink for using on cleaning days and projects such as this one.

How To Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine Naturally and Easily

Here are the steps to cleaning the rubber of your front loading washing machine naturally:

  1. Soak your clean used socks in a sink using 8 oz. of vinegar.
  2. Clean out the area as much as you can to remove loose debris.
  3. Place the socks inside of the rubber lip where you have the buildup that you are trying to remove. Make sure to tuck them under the rubber lip and on both sides of the drainage holes to get the full effect.
  4. Allow a minimum of 5 hours to soak. I personally tend to do this task right before heading to bed to allow it to soak the grime off while I sleep.
  5. After soaking, take all of the socks out of your washing machine. You can use the socks to wipe away any of the grime. It’s as easy as that!

How To Clean Your Front Loading Washing Machine Naturally and Easily

Voila, with no harsh chemicals and very little to no scrubbing, your front loading washing machine is back to looking shiny, clean, and new again, until the next load of your kids wash that is.

Enchanted Home Cleaning Secrets

Make sure to check out all of the other articles in the Enchanted Home Cleaning Secrets series. What are some of your favorite cleaning tips and tricks for cleaning your front loading washing machine?

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