4 Gross Motor Activities on Your Stomach

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Posted on Feb 24 2015 - 1:00am by Cassie
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We often work on different areas for gross motor. Each types of gross motor builds different levels of fitness. I love that you can change things up and work on different areas. One fun way is to change up what you do every time. It is fun to change things so that you always are working on something different.

One fun way is to stay in one area but change up what you are doing. I really like changing between each of them but staying in almost the same position. These gross motor activities on your stomach are great for working on your core.
Gross Motor on you Stomach

Each of these activities is great for the core and also gives some weight and pressing on the body while your are doing the different movements.

The four activities are: crawling like a snake, swimming, flying like superman and rolling like a log.

Crawl Like a Snake

Kids love to act out animals and being a snake is just fun. They can try and flick they tongue or hiss while crawling like a snake. They get on their stomach and use their arms and legs to pull and push themselves across the floor.

Here are some variations you can try:

  • Go backwards
  • Use legs only
  • Use arms only

Gross Motor On your Stomach


This is a fun activity for kids. You can pretend to do the sport of swimming. While on their stomach they put their arms through the swimming motion and kick their legs. This can be something you break down and start with legs or arms only before putting them together. A fun way to switch up the activity it to call out what they will do: arms only, legs only or both. This gets them thinking and develop some coordination in their movements. Plus that makes it a game!

Gross motor on the Stomach

Flying Like Superman

Flying like superman is a great activity for kids. They get to lay on the floor and pretend to fly. The basic movie is to lift you legs and arms up at the same time off the floor. You can challenge them to hold the post while you count to 10. Then try again and add more numbers. See how long they can hold it. Encourage them to count with you.

Here are some variations you can try:

  • Arms and legs up and rock from side to side
  • Just lift arms
  • Just lift legs
  • lift same leg and same arm
  • lift opposite arm and leg

Gross Motor on your Stomach

Rolling like a Log

This is a favorite at our house. My girls love to roll like a log. They will get on the stomach and put the arms and legs straight and roll across the floor. I make sure they go both directions. This would be they roll across and without moving roll back the direction they came. This is great for deep impact for those that need some good sensory movements.

Gross Motor On Stomach

Check out these other gross motor activities:

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