Sneezy the Snowman Storybook Activity

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Posted on Jan 15 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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Storybook activities are fun and active ways to extend books we are reading with our kids. On my blog, Growing Book by Book, I’m always looking for literacy ideas to further our learning that stem from children’s books. Today, I’m excited to share a new book find of ours that is perfect for a winter study. It’s called Sneezy the Snowman.

Sneezy the Snowman Storybook Activities

Maureen Wright tells us the tale of a snowman who is always cold. The children try to warm him by lending him a scarf, hat and other winter accessories. But, Sneezy has other ideas in mind to warm himself up including drinking hot chocolate, warming up by the fire and sitting in a hot tub. Each time he tries to warm himself up, he ends up melting and the kids have to rebuild Sneezy. Eventually, Sneezy becomes too warm with all the winter clothing and needs to cool off. Well, the kids have the just right thing to cool him down!

The story lends itself to exploring the concepts of hot and cold!

Storybook Activities for Sneezy the Snowman

Storybook Activity 1

Sneezy the Snowman Storybook Activities

First, we developed vocabulary and categorization skills with a Venn diagram. Simply draw two overlapping circles. Label one circle “hot” and the other circle “cold”. For the overlapping section, write “both”.

Together, list as many items as you can to fit into each category and write them down. For younger children, you can scribe the ideas. Older children can write their own ideas.

Storybook Activity 2

Next, we talked about how to make snow or ice melt. We didn’t have any snow to use so we used blocks of ice for these activities. If you have snow on the ground, you can build mini-snowmen for this project.

Sneezy the Snowman Storybook Activities

My kids are young so we took three ice blocks and put them in three different “cold” situations and put three blocks of ice in different “hot” situations. We set a timer for five minutes and then returned to make observations about each each block. It was fun to see if our predictions were correct.

Sneezy the Snowman Storybook Activities

Older children who know that heat melts things, could set up mini-stations to see which heat source melts ice or snow more quickly. Decide on four to six different heat sources from the Venn diagram in activity one. For each heat source, add a frozen ice block (make sure the blocks are the same size) and record the start time. Wait one minute and record observations. Repeat after two minutes, three minutes, four minutes and five minutes. Ask your children the following questions.

  • Which heat source melted the ice the fastest?
  • What did you notice while doing this activity?
  • Can you think of another heat source that would melt the ice or snow even faster?

These are two quick and easy activities for extending a storybook with a winter theme. Check out some of our other favorite snowmen books and see how they can inspire you to learn with your kids.

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