Quick Homeschooling Tip: Frozen Storytelling Bubble

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Posted on Jan 20 2015 - 3:00pm by Jill
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It is not secret if you follow along with my site that I am passionate about encouraging children to read. I am always on the hunt for creative and fun ways to get my kids excited about reading. After all, books are magical and sometimes, just like any good fairy tale, you need just the right magical tool to help lend a hand in a lesson. We are all busy as homeschooling parents, so this series is meant to bring a quick and simple homeschooling tip your way. 

Quick Homeschooling Tip Frozen Storytelling Bubble

The first part of this storytelling learning tool happens the night before the lesson. Simply take a water balloon or regular balloon and carefully and slowly work a toy or laminated piece of paper into the balloon. Then, fill the balloon with water and place in a plastic container in the freezer overnight. 

Quick Homeschooling Tip Frozen Storytelling Bubble

Then, in the morning, right before your lesson, simply take the balloons out of the freezer and cut and peel the balloon off of the now frozen story bubble. Then, place the frozen story bubble in a bowl or container at your child’s desk. You can then watch your child’s face beam with excitement as they try to guess what is inside of the frozen bubble and get giddy with excitement with what their storytelling assignment will be today. Here is my favorite part and why I created the story telling bubble lesson for my kids, you can tailor it to any age, skill level, or theme in school! 

Quick Homeschooling Tip Frozen Storytelling Bubble

Whatever storytelling element your child is learning about in their curriculum or struggling with you can use this fun techniques to focus on that. For example, my son sometimes has trouble thinking outside of the box. So, one day I created a frozen story bubble for him that had a Shakespearean mask in it. The assignment that I gave him was that he had to talk in Shakespearean language all school day. He had a blast! For my daughter, she received a pirate map and her assignment was to tell me an oral story about how the main characters in the storybook we are reading would use that map. The different routes and avenues to go down from a lesson stand point are endless with this tool and I use it in our homeschool all the time. 

How do you get your child or student’s engaged and excited about storytelling in your homeschool? 

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