Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game

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Posted on Jan 6 2015 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Happy New Year! This month I wanted to do something fun that is celebrated on January 18th, Popcorn Day! So, I came  up with a fun Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game that Kaelyn would be able to play on her own and to help her build sentences. 

 Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building 

Although, my daughter loves to read it can be a bit tedious sometimes to get her to sit down and practice her sight-words and sentences. So, I thought that would be a great game for her to play and would get her excited about actually wanting to build sentences. 

Materials Needed to make your own Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game:

  • Popcorn Box – You can either purchase a plastic one or you can make your own just like we did
  • White, red, and yellow construction paper
  • Marker
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game Pocpcorn Box

Step One: Making your popcorn box. If you already have a popcorn box then skip to step two.

Making your own popcorn box is quite simple. Using two sheets of white paper you will fold the bottom about 4-6 inches and both sheets. You will then create a cube with an opened top. Tape the bottom pieces and the side pieces together of both sheets of paper. Cut the red construction paper into strips. You will need about 16 of them, 4 for each side of your popcorn box. I personally thought it was easier to tap the top piece of the strips and then gluing the rest on. This helped with the strips just popping out of place.

I also created a label for our popcorn box with our game title. The best thing about this is that you can really play all sorts of games with it, so I suggest laminating the label that way you can change the title as you need to.

Popping Sight-Words and pieces

Step Two: Now is time to make your popcorn pieces. I had my husband draw some popcorn pieces on a sheet of white paper with a black marker. I then copied the popcorn pieces on a piece of yellow construction paper. If you have a printer the easiest way to do that is to cut your construction paper to printer paper size and print right off your printer. 

Using a marker write down the sight-words that you would like your child to use and cut out. My daughters loved helping me out with the next step, which is just scrunching up every single piece of popcorn paper and throwing them into the popcorn box.

Sight Word Sentence Building Popcorn Game


Step Three: Building Sentences

I had my daughter build sentences a few different ways. 

  • I wrote sentences on the board and she filled out the word needed to complete the sentences using words that were in her popcorn box.
  • She complete sentences using words from her popcorn box that are part of our daily curriculum workbook
  • She wrote her own sentences with words from her popcorn box

Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game - Matching words with sentences

Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game - Reading Game

Do you think your child would enjoy playing the Popping Sight-Words and Sentence Building Game?

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