Exploring Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Artist Series Tammy Maddix Pack Hands-On Project

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Posted on Jan 9 2015 - 1:00am by Jill
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Welcome and thank you for stopping by to see how my children were inspired by the Marshmallow World Ornament by Tammy Maddix Pack for the January 2015 Featured Artist for the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club. We are learning about Tammy Maddix Pack as an ornament artist as part of the Exploring Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Artist Series for the January 2015 monthly Featured Keepsake Ornament Artist. 

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

Our family loves snowmen, whether they are celebrating Christmas or just having winter fun they are always welcome since I go crazy over any snowman and tend to collect them. After learning about that this month’s ornament artist love snowmen as much as I do her marshmallow World Ornament was sure to be a hit in my family so it was time to try our own hand at making our own version of this exciting Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. There are many ways to make your own version of this ornament, but here are the materials and methods that my daughter Elizabeth, son Beck, and I used as we made our own Tammy Maddix Pack inspired ornament. 

Materials Needed:

To make your own Marshmallow World Wall Ornament inspired ornament for this month’s Featured Keepsake Ornament Artist  you will need the following materials:

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

Start by layering the medium circle on the large circle and gluing them together with craft glue to make the dimension feel to the art piece. Then use craft glue to attach smaller pom pom balls to make your own version of snowmen having a snowball fight. 

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

While the two pieces and pom poms are drying, use white puffy paint to make lines and snowflakes or any other winter pattern you want around the larger layer. Allow the puffy paint to dry all the way. 

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

Then apply craft glue to the smallest portion as much as you can to get it ready to apply glitter to it. Try not to cover it all so that it will make winter flurry patterns. 

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

Next, over a trash can or box, apply a liberal amount of silver glitter to the small portion covered in glue. Give the glitter a few minutes to adhere to the glue and then carefully shake the small portion off. All the glitter not attached to the glue should fall off and leave you with a fun winter flurry glitter pattern covered top portion. FUN TIP: I shake our glitter off into a triangle shaped cardboard box box so that I can put the glitter back into it’s container when we are done for even more glitter fun on another project without loosing a lot of glitter in the trash can!

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

Then, attach the smaller portion to the medium portion with craft glue. 

DIY Marshmallow World Wall Ornament Project for Kids

Next, carefully cut out the snowman from the tan background it is provided with. Depending on the age of your child or students, you may need a parent to do this instead of a child due to the small parts and sharp lines. My daughter, who loves puffy paint as much as I do, used puffy paint to add some dimension to her signing snowman. To finish your wall ornament, use a single hole punch to make two holes in top portion of the outer circle.  Then, use festive string or ribbon to make a cord to hang it from. Now your hands-on art project wall ornament based on the artistic style and creations of Tammy Haddix is now complete! 

Would you like to create your own tag for your January 2015 Hallmark Featured Keepsake Ornament Artist hands-on project for Tammy Maddix Pack inspired by Marshmellow World? Then start by downloading and using this tag and template pack for FREE by simply clicking the link below.  

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January 2015 – Hands On Art Project Pack

Exploring Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Artist Series

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How did your version of this wall ornament come out? Why not drop by and let everyone see yours today!

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