Create an Invention Station in Honor of Benjamin Franklin

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Posted on Jan 18 2015 - 11:00am by Jill
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Do you have a hands-on learner in your home or classroom? Then why not add this fun Create an Invention Station activity in honor of Benjamin Franklin and his birthday to your studies? This hands-on learning activity is designed to help your child use their creativity by using materials around them to create an invention that will do whatever they want it or think it can. 

Create An Invention Station in honor of Benjamin Franklin

The key aspect to hands-on learning is just that, hands-on learning. This fun activity allows your child or student to use any materials you give them to create an invention of their own choosing. So many times an assignment tests our children’s knowledge or skills or creative, but when you place a bunch of random things in front of a child the possibilities can be endless. It is this creativity that makes this assignment not only fun, but also valuable to their learning. 

Recently I placed all the materials on the tray in the main image above in front of Beck and Elizabeth. To make our collection of materials I scoured the art supplies, science supplies, Dad’s misc. parts and pieces and essentially all over for whatever items we could come up with. Then, I gave them these simple instructions: 

Create an invention out of the materials you see before you. While doing so, think about what would Benjamin Franklin build? What could your invention do? How could this change your daily life and the lives of others? Once your child has imagined and built their model of their invention have them give you an oral report about their invention. Here is what Elizabeth and Beck came up with… 

Doggy Potty Timer Kid's Invention

Elizabeth decided that our dogs needed an easier way to tell us that they needed to go outside to perform their ‘business.’ Typically they let us know by nudging us, barking at the door, or batting at a bell we have for them. It was this inspiration that got Elizabeth thinking about her invention. Her Doggy Potty Timer Kid’s Invention is designed to hang around the door and let us know automatically when the next time the dogs will be ready to go. This way everyone here at 24 Paw Ranch will be happy all the time and never have to wait. 

Toy Picker Upper Kids Invention

Beck went another way. He saw that he and his sister were always picking up their toys. He decided to make an automatic Toy Picker Upper Kids Invention. This wondrous machine, although it is a prototype he said, would mount to a room’s ceiling and then, with the touch of a button, swing out and pick up all the toys at the end of the day and put them in their containers safely until the next time they are played with. The Toy Picker Upper will make all your daily chores easier too, once Beck modifies his machine to get his done that is. 

So, as you can see, the same pieces and parts can mean different things to different people. Each child sees parts fitting together and serving different purposes. The unique creativity that each child and student possesses means that every time this hands-on learning assignment is done new inventions can be made and thought of. 

Would you like to use the Benjamin Franklin Invention Station with your child? Please click the link below to download a FREE copy today! 

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Benjamin Franklin Invention Station 

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How much fun did your children have making their inventions with this hands-on learning activity?

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