Balance Cushion Activities

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Posted on Jan 24 2015 - 3:00pm by Cassie
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Getting the wiggles out is a favorite activity at our house. I love using the what the girls call the “wiggle pads”. We use our balance cushion often.

They are fun and easy to use. We use them often for on chairs to help them sit better when eating or doing school work. Today I thought I would show you a fun activities we do with your balance cushion. This will give you something to during those times when your kids have a need to get out some of that excess energy.

Balance Cushion Activities

What you need for these activities: balance cushion and sensory ball.

Standing on Two Feet

Just standing on two feet is a change when they first start out on the balance cushions. I love to have them rock around on the cushion a few times.
Call out a few directions to have them move. Make sure they know what the movements are before you do it.

  • Front – put weight on the balls of the feet
  • Lean to the Right
  • Lean to the Left
  • Back – put weight on the heels of the feet

Balance Cushion Activities

Leaning Forward

The movement of leaning forward gets them to change up the balance on their feet. This gives them a fun. They can pretend they are an airplane while they are doing the activity. You can have them move their arms differently. They can have arms above the head or arms out to the side. It is fun to change it every other time. You can have them try different arm movements on their own while doing the movement.

Balance Cushion Activities

Standing on One Foot

Standing on one foot can be a challenge for kids. It is not always easy. You will want to make sure their foot is in the center of the pad. Try having them do this two different ways. They can do arms and lets out as far as they can or keeping the arms and legs close to the body.

Ask them which is easier to do: arms and leg out and arms and legs in.

Balance Cushion Activities

Passing the Ball Around

Change up the movements by giving them the ball to do some movements with. They can pass the ball around the body. This gives them a new ways and directions. You can do this with a lightly weighted ball or just a sensory ball. We use a use the sensory ball the most often and switch up the texture and sizes of the balls. For more ball activities check this post.

Balance Cushion Activities

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