5 Bear Walking Activities

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Posted on Jan 18 2015 - 1:00am by Cassie
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Bear are a great theme for the winter. Learning about bears is a study that kids can have fun with. While you are doing your bear study add in some gross motor. Bear walking is fun and something kids and do almost anywhere.

Bear walking is great for the deep impact that you get while walking plus gives you a different way to make the body that is different from other types like crawling. it is fun for kids to mix up their gross motor and make it fun. It is important to make sure they have their legs and arms straight. This give them equal impact for each of their limbs.

5 Bear Walking Activities

Bear Walking Forward & Backward

When you do a movement you want to make sure you doing to different directions if you can. Forward and backwards are very easy to do. Have them bear walk across forward and then go back across the room backwards. This also makes them think about what they are doing when

Bear Walking Forward & Backward

Bear Walking Over Cones

When you add a new element to an activity it changes how they do it. By adding the cones to the activity it changes up where they place their hands and feet. It gives them a wider base with their movements.

Bear Walking Over Cones

Bear Walking Side Ways

Bear walking side ways changes the muscles that you use for the your activity. It also gives them something to think about. I like to do this after they have been doing forward and backwards for a while. You want to make sure they walk sidewalks both directions. Have them use a line or over cones to help them keep side ways.

Bear Walk Sideways

Bear Walking Around Cones

Another directional change is to change how they are walking. I love to give them something to bear walk around. This gives them a challenge of going around the cones. Challenge them to walk as close as then can but not touch the cones.

Bear Walking around Cones

Bear Walking & Lowering Down

The last bear walking idea is to have them bear walk in a straight line with stuff animals along the way. As they get to each of the stuff animals they lower their head to touch the stuff animals. This gives them a change in the movement and builds a little arm strength as well.

Bear Walking

I love that while bear walking you can growl like a bear. I can honestly say that I’ve had my girls do bear walking and growling at the airport while we were waiting to get on the plane. This is easy to do and you can make it tons of fun for kids as well. They wont realize they are doing a gross motor activity

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