20 Box and Wrapping Paper Learning Activities for Kids

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Posted on Dec 22 2014 - 11:00am by Jill
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If your family is like mine, as Christmas Day approaches, your home starts to full up with boxes and presents from family and friends. Then, after each Christmas we are then left with warmly filled hearts and lots of wrapping paper and boxes. How about using some of that wrapping paper and those boxes to have some hands-on out of the box learning fun? 

20 Box and Wrapping Paper Learning Activities for Kids

For some learning fun with Christmas wrapping paper and boxes, why not try one of these 20 fun box and wrapping paper learning activities for kids:

  1. Make a Cardboard Castle like this one by Hodge Podge Craft!
  2. Have your child practice their Christmas Scissor Cutting Skills like this fun idea from Pre-K Pages.
  3. Practice perimeter skills by having your child measure and calculate the perimeters of the various sides of boxes.
  4. Vroom! Make your own Homemade Parking Garage such as this one from Boy Mama Teacher Mama.
  5. Give those new dolls somewhere fun to live and play by making a Self-Contained Play House!
  6. Practice volumes by having your child measure and calculate the volumes of various boxes.
  7. Practice volumes by having your child fill various boxes with different items to see how many it will hold such as counting bears, toy cars, tennis balls, etc.
  8. Create this easy and fun Cardboard Box Tunnel by Powerful Mothering for your trains or cars!
  9. Practice size order by using various boxes and ordering them from smallest to largest, etc.
  10. All aboard! Create an Animal Circus Train with this fun imaginative play idea by Saving a Little Craziness for Menopause.
  11. Work on color sorting by organizing wrapping paper pieces by color or pattern.
  12. Grab some puppets, or make a few simple ones, to create a Cardboard Puppter Theater like this one by P is for Preschool!
  13. Make a paper airplane out of a thin box and measure which airplane flies the furthest.
  14. Use wrapping paper to make textbook covers.
  15. Use wrapping paper to cover a thin box. Cut and fold the box into a greeting card shape. Then, have your child write a thank you note to thank someone for their thoughtful holiday gift.
  16. What should you do with all of those leftover Christmas cards? Why not make some gift boxes out of them to use throughout the coming year! Find out more at Think.Make.Share. from Hallmark.
  17. Cut uniform shapes out of wrapping paper and write numbers or letters on the back to create an easy and quick memory game using alphabet letter, numbers, spelling words, etc.
  18. Make a Cardboard Box City such as this one by Lemon Lime Adventures and use wrapping paper pieces and leftover bows to decorate your city for the holidays!
  19. Using cardboard boxes or those left over pizza boxes that we all have around the holidays, make giant tangrams to practice your shapes with this fun idea by JDaniel4’s Mom. For more fun make sure to also check out my Pentomino Activity Pack.
  20. For teachers, use some of those extra boxes to help organize your classroom assignments with this DIY Lesson Organizer!

Now it’s time to put all of those holiday boxes stacking up in your family room into action using one or more of these fun ideas! Hopefully, one or more of these activities can bring some holiday fun to your children or students this year.

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