To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

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Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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I hope that you and your children are having fun learning alongside the Poppins Book Nook participants. Last month we explored and created storybook activities around the topic of what we all can find beyond our planet. This month’s new theme is To The Kitchen and is sure to bring some tasty fun to everyone. There are a lot of recipes for fun in the kitchen, so, what will you and your child or students want to do when they head into the kitchen this month? 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

As we were going through our library looking for kitchen storybooks and cookbooks for this month’s theme, we stumbled upon one we had not seen before and would make a wonderful addition! We found A Merry Christmas Cookbook by the Disney Book Group and purchased our own copy of this book almost immediately!  Since we are all Disney fans in our home, we just knew that this was the book for us this month! As you might guess, this is packed full of child friendly recipes of all types for all dishes themed to various Disney characters, movies, and more. Since I am not reviewing the cookbook, I cannot share the recipes we had a lot of fun with, but can describe them. 

So, after reading the cookbook front to back as a family, we all figured out a few recipes that we wanted to try out. As a family, we agreed on two recipes to make: Monster-O’s Spiced Breakfast Bars and Jiminy Cricket Milkshakes. 

Monster-O’s Spiced Breakfast Bars

The first recipe that we started with was a breakfast bar. I cannot share the recipe, but let me tell you that it was fun to make and tasted great. It uses a lot of basic ingredients in a way that creates a very tasty breakfast treat. 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

The first thing that the children did was to prepare a baking pan with cooking spray. 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Next, it was time to prepare the other ingredients. Beck loves almonds and was thrilled this recipe has them in it. 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Then, we used our pull chopper to grind up the almonds into little pieces. This kid friendly kitchen tool is a fan favorite with both of my kids! As an added bonus it also helps me as sometimes my shaky arthritis hands can be worse than others and make chopping something in the kitchen a rather scary experience.

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Then it was time to make the flavorful glaze. We used brown sugar… 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Honey, cinnamon, and more. We carefully melted it all together with butter over low heat. Then, we mixed in Honey Nut Cheerios, the almonds, and a few more ingredients too. 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Beck spread the mixed ingredients all into the bottom of the pan. We baked it for a very short time. Once it cooled, we then had a fun Monster-O’s Spiced Breakfast Bar breakfast to cut up and enjoy as a family for a few days! 

Jiminy Cricket Milkshakes

Since we started with a breakfast, what better recipe to showcase the cook book’s variety than a dessert, right? We love our mint chocolate chip ice cream in our house as much as Jiminy Cricket loves mint too. This fun recipe was easy to make for the children and easy to enjoy too! I cannot share the recipe, but hopefully you can see how much we enjoyed making and eating it too. 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

The first step is to make a fun handmade whip cream. The steps were easy enough for Elizabeth to make with little supervision. I helped her use our Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, but she did almost all the work measuring and mixing the ingredients. 

To The Kitchen Storybook Fun with A Merry Christmas Cookbook

Once the whip cream was ready, we added milk, Oreo cookies, and a few more ingredients into a blender and made our fun Jiminey Cricket Milkshakes. We topped them off with a festive red and white straw to make them more enjoyable too! 

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