Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

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Posted on Oct 27 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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I hope that you and your children are having fun exploring Beyond Our Planet with the Poppins Book Nook participants this month. Last month we explored and created storybook activities around the topic of the Wild Wild West. This month’s new theme is Beyond Our Planet and is sure to get space exploring children suited up and ready to walk from their space ships to the planets and beyond. There are a lot of things to explore out in space from the planets to comets to the moon and stars too, so, are you ready to blast off into space and explore Beyond Our Planet? 

Storybook Activity Inspired by  A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky   with FREE Printable Learning Pack

As we were going through the science and planets section of our library this month, Beck and Elizabeth stumbled upon a fun one, tucked away between a few other good ones, but this one won us all over. We found a complete copy (with the star chart) of A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky by Michael Driscoll. Since we live in the countryside, we tend to be able to see all the stars on a clear night because we are so far removed from the night lights of the big city we live near. We often find ourselves looking up at the stars and have tried various star wheels and charts in the past, but this children’s version is by far the most fun. We discussed the topic of outer space and the stars and exploring space while searching the night sky. 

While we were using the star chart to try to find what in the sky we were looking at we kept coming back to, those stars are a long ways off and can we go there? This lead to more discussions on space travel and that the stars were indeed too far away to visit this summer. Recently we did some storybook inspired sensory bin fun learning with the storybook Mousetronaut by Astronaut Mark Kelly and even created a fun sensory bin game that you see here: 

Mousetronaut Sensory Bin Game

You can read all about how to make your own version of this sensory bin HERE. The running theme of our discussions ended up being how would we get out into space? Our discussions kept coming back to rockets and space shuttles. This lead me to think about why it is so hard to get out into outer space and then I had a great idea, I decided to create a fun printable hands-on science experiment to show the force that keeps us on Earth and we have to overcome to get out into space: gravity! 

The first thing to do is print out a copy of the FREE Beyond Our Planet Science Experiment for Gravity provided for FREE below. Then, once you have read the materials and done the worksheets, it is time to set-up the experiment. Included in the science experiment are fill in the blank questions, definitions, and a crossword puzzle too! 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

To do this hands-on experiment you will need the following materials:

  • Handful of Lego to make into a model to test
  • 3 square Handkerchiefs of different sizes
  • Thread or yarn

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

As you can see, we love our dogs. Beck and Elizabeth decided to have passengers on their space vehicle, so they tested out their vehicle with two of ours dogs in Lego. The premise of this experiment is not to create a Lego that will not break, but rather, to create one that you can throw up in the air, catch if not on course, or just generally be fun for children to use because let’s face it, not many children get mad if you learn with them. 

So, once the materials were assembled it was time to make the parachute. To make the parachute, cut two medium length pieces out of the yarn. Then use scissors to carefully cut a hole near each of the handkerchief’s four corners. To be honest, I only snipped the handkerchief to put a very small hole in it. Then tie the two pieces of yarn to opposite corners of the handkerchief. 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

To secure the parachute to the Lego model have your child or students lock it into the craft between two layers of bricks. 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

Next it is time to go outside and throw the craft up into the air and watch gravity work on it! 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

And it did. Every time in fact. The children even took turns with the different sized parachutes too. 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

Beck liked seeing it float down. 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

Elizabeth was having so much fun throwing them up as high as she could and then trying to catch them too when they went off course. It was even more fun to watch how they floated when a light breeze happened and pushed the falling models around in the air. 

Storybook Activity Inspired By A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

And after each experiment run hits the ground, check to see if the passengers were still standing. Here the Lego Jessie and Daisy were still in their spots, ready to fly again! 

All-in-all we had a hard time letting this experiment stop. After we did our test runs, both Beck and Elizabeth had a blast playing with their new gravity experiments for about an hour. 

Would you like to add my Poppins Book Nook Beyond Our Planet Gravity Science Experiment to your hands-on science learning today? Then Click the link below to download a copy of my FREE Beyond Our Planet Science Experiment on Gravity for FREE!  

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Beyond Our Planet Planet Science Experiment – Gravity

Poppins Book Nook Beyond Our Planet Theme Introduction

Don’t forget to download the FREE Poppins Book Nook bookmarks and monthly printables! Click on the links to download the Lapbook Introduction Pack, Lapbook March 2014 Pack, Lapbook April 2014 Pack, Lapbook May 2014 Pack, Lapbook June 2014 Pack, Lapbook July 2014, Lapbook August 2014 Pack, Lapbook September 2014, and Lapbook October 2014 if you missed them. 

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