Set Your Child Up to Succeed with Thrively

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Posted on Oct 30 2014 - 3:00pm by Jill
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Are you looking for a way to inspire your child? Enhance their strengths? Maybe you just want to find out what their superpowers are? Every child is not the same, but with the help, assessment, and suggestions from Thrively they can begin to see what their true strengths are. Then, as a parent, you will be presented with local suggestions for activities, programs, and events that your child’s strengths say they will be interested in. 

Before I get much further into this review and giveaway I would like to say that I was given access to Thrively to assist in this review.  For full details please read my disclosures found HERE

Set Your Child Up to Succeed with Thrively

So, you might be wondering, what is Thrively? Well, Thrively is a service that helps children discover their inner strengths, helps them develop their super powers and become super heroes in their universe. Thrively is a website that parents can use to help their children discover and develop their own unique strengths and find activities to expand in those areas. If you children are anything like my Beck or Elizabeth, then you will know that they like the activities that play to their strengths more because they feel more confident doing them. Thrively helps you, as the parent, unlock their potential with over 100,000 activities to help your child excel while building their focus, creative thinking, analytical abilities, agility, and almost any other topic that you can think of that you child or student’s would like, do like, or did not even know they will like. 

What is Thrively?

Thrively is a FREE (as of the time of this review) service that helps you, as the parent, determine the strengths of your child and then helps you connect with events and activities that will help your child build confidence by being not only interested in those events, but also will afford them a deeper connection to those events. In essence, Thrively is a Myers-Briggs test for children with results presented in a way that provides insight into their dynamic personalities based on their identified talents and skills. 

How does Thrively work?

 To summarize, Thrively works as I see and experienced it in the following manner:

Since Thrively is completely FREE! It was easy to start by creating an account and diving right into the strength assessment. Once you start you will be presented with a personalized profile like this one: 

Set Your Child Up to Succeed with Thrively

Each of my children completed their Strength Assessment that contained questions on a variety of topics and were instructed to answer based on their own likes, dislikes, and their opinions. This assessment was developed by two of California’s seven board certified Pediatric Neuropsychologists. The questions are all child friendly and make assessments on 23 different strengths. When we performed our assessments I think that Beck’s was right on and I can very much see how Elizabeth is growing into hers without even realizing it. 

After the assessment is completed by your child, the fun really begins! Parent will be emailed information on how to understand the test results and interpret their child’s information. The Thrively algorithm recommends activities for each child based on their strengths, interests, and have the ability to add in other elements that will also complement those strengths. The system has over 120,000 activities and local programs to draw from and recommends to you from over 200 areas of interest from sports to arts and everything in between. 

I was amazed that as we eliminated an event of two, the Thrively system recognized the actions I was taking and removed other, somewhat similar events for me automatically as well. It was also nice that the topics were searchable. This is definitely a big plus in my book. 


Once you understand your child’s assessment, the fun really begins on Thrively. With your results you will also be given recommendations for videos and given access to them on the Thrively site itself. These videos are geared towards children and are intended to help them see their potential, strengthen their talents, and develop new ones too. 

Then, Thrively has a series of ways to interact with other families and share your experiences. These social areas are helpful in allowing you connect with other Thrively users in your area with similar strengths. 

So, as you can see, the process is simple. Once you have your child’s strengths assessed it as easy as coming back to your dashboard and selecting the videos and activities that will help them reinforce, emphasize, and develop themselves as individuals. 

Set Your Child Up to Succeed with Thrively

As you move through the site you will be presented with various activities and videos that are selected for your child’s strengths. It is then just a click away to start developing and enhancing your child’s strengths by bolstering their unique talents and promoting their individual success. I immediately fell in love with Thrively’s recommendations. We have done some of the recommendations and are trying to incorporate more each week, but since the site is currently FREE to use, there is no reason you should not stop by and give it a try for yourself today HERE

Interesting Facts from Thrively

Since Thrively has an algorithm that drives its suggestions and recommendations, they have also been able to put together some interesting research that shows there is no true silver bullet for children and the activities that they get involved in, other than they just need to get out there and develop themselves. Here are just a few interesting factoids from Thrively: 

Set Your Child Up to Succeed with Thrively

This factoid summarizes that children are not necessarily playing those organized sports for the reason they signed up for. 

Set Your Child Up to Succeed with Thrively

My Beck loves his video games, but we monitor and regulate what type and how long. This research shows it can be ok in moderation. 

So, once again, Thrively can be a great way to get your child involved in the things they want to be involved in, whether they realize it or not. The best way to do this is to jump right in and get started today for FREE

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As a bonus for readers of Enchanted Homeschooling Mom, Thrively has graciously offered to allow me to host a giveaway for one of my lucky readers to win a FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card (I will provide the winner’s information to Thrively and they will send the winner their prize). By entering this giveaway you acknowledge that you live within the U.S. and are 18+ years or older. Please enter below if you would like to win this giveaway: 

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Where else can you find Thrively?

You can follow along with Thrively on and at… 

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Thrively! Hopefully the Thrively program can benefit your family as it has mine!

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