Monsters Love Colors Sensory Bin

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Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 11:00am by Samantha (Stir the Wonder)
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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sensory Bins Series! This month I am back with a new book-inspired sensory bin! Sensory bins are a lot of fun, but are also a great way to incorporate some hands-on learning! I like to tie in great children’s literature with my sensory bins, so that is what I am going to try to do as a contributor for Enchanted Homeschooling Mom each month. I find that sensory bins combined with a good children’s book is a great way to introduce new books to my son. It also allows him to sit and listen to longer books while keeping his hands busy. Book-based sensory bins are also a hands-on way to work on reading comprehension, story sequencing and retelling a story.

Monsters Love Colors Sensory Bin

This month’s sensory bin was inspired by the book Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin. I love other books by Mike Austin so I knew I had to create this sensory bin when I first read this book! It’s a cute story about three colorful monsters who love to scribble, mix, dance and wiggle to create new colors! This is a fun book to read when introducing primary colors and color theory to young learners.

To create this sensory bin you need the following supplies:

  • a shallow bin
  • a bunch of crayons (these are old crayons are from when I was a kid)

To make monsters you will need the following supplies:

Monsters Love Colors Felt Monsters

Since creating the sensory bin itself is literally dumping a bunch of crayons into a bin, I will tell you how I made these adorable felt monsters. It is really simple, I promise! First I sketched out a basic shape for the monsters directly onto the yellow felt using a pencil. Then I folded my felt piece in half and cut so I would have two yellow monster shapes. I used my yellow cutout as a guide to cut out a monster using the red felt. Then I sketched a different monster shape on to the blue felt and cut out two pieces. I decided to create a different monster shape for the blue monster, but it isn’t necessary. Once all the monster shapes were cut out, I used craft glue to apply the small googly eyes and scraps of black or white felt for the mouths. I let the glue dry, then sandwiched the two pieces of felt with a stretched out cotton ball (I didn’t have any cotton batting) and stitched the felt together using a blanket stitch. (If you don’t want to sew them together you could use craft glue or a hot glue gun.) I did this for each monster using coordinating embroidery thread. Then the sensory bin was ready to be set up and played with!

Monster Colors1

During nap one day I cleared an area of the living room so I could tape down large sheets of white paper. I used three large lengths of roll paper and taped it down using blue painters tape. I set the sensory bin down in the middle of the paper and waited for Caden to wake up.

Monster Colors7

When he finally woke up we got started playing with the crayon sensory bin and coloring all over the large sheet of paper! As I read the book we searched the bin for the colors that matched the monsters and I demonstrated how mixing two colors will create a new color!

Monster Colors6

At the end of the story the monsters work together to create a colorful rainbow monster! So to wrap up our sensory play time with this bin Caden helped me color a rainbow on the paper!

Monster colors 9

We really enjoyed this book and sensory bin! It was so much fun for me to create and Caden loved playing with the monsters and coloring all over that large sheet of paper! It was also a playful way to talk about all the different colors and reinforce his learning of colors.

Monster Colors 2.1

Check out the previous sensory bins in this series, Goodnight Construction Site Sensory Bin and The Salamander Room Sensory Bin. And for more information on how to create sensory bins and some wonderful sensory bin ideas from across the web be sure to read Sensory Bin 101!
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