Holiday Gift Guide for the Sensory Child

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Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 11:00am by Jill
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Giving gifts during the holidays can become particularly tricky when you are giving to a child who has special needs. While a popular toy may seem like the sure fire bet, I urge you all to explore further a gift that will keep on giving throughout the entire year. Besides, you can never tell which toy will be you child or recipient’s favorite, so why not make it a fun choice that can help them too?

Holiday Gift Guide for the Sensory Child

Having a child who has special sensory needs, in my book, makes them even more special and unique. Just like anything in life every child has different needs that as parents, grandparents, family members, friends, or teachers we need to meet in order for that child to succeed. These are just a few items that I highly recommend considering as a gift for that special child in your life this holiday season that will be even more special to them:

Sensory Fix™ from Project Sensory

Sensory Fix™ from Project Sensory

Why not purchase a backpack that includes over 15 Tools and Exclusive Printables PLUS a FREE Year of Printables this year as a gift, or in place of a stocking? You can always take the pieces out of the backpack to stuff a stocking full for a sensory needs child and place a bow on the backpack to make a lovely gift for one or more children. Another suggestion would be to purchase this kit and wrap each piece individually so that with each gift opened it will unlock a sensory surprise for a child.

Here is some more information about these awesome Sensory Backpacks from the manufacturer:

Where Sensory Backpacks Can Be Used

You might be thinking that a Sensory Backpack might not be useful, but to a child with sensory needs it can be a life saver. Here are just a few places that a Sensory Backpack gift can be useful to its recipient:

  • Road Trips
  • Airplanes
  • Restaurants
  • New Places
  • Homework Time
  • Busy Birthday Parties
  • Church
  • Large Gatherings

Sensory Needs Addressed

This sensory backpack addresses the needs of ALL 8 Sensory Systems, making it a unique tool for every child. It addresses and helps with these sensory needs:

  • Auditory
  • Tactile
  • Olfactory
  • Gustatory/ Oral
  • Visual
  • Proprioceptive
  • Interoceptive
  • Vestibular

We have our own sensory backpack for Beck filled and always ready to go anytime we leave the house and it is a lifesaver! Enchanted Homeschooling Mom firmly stands behind this product and highly recommends it as a gift this holiday season.

Project Sensory Water Bottle with Bite Valve Giveaway (2 Winners!)

Project Sensory Water Bottle with Bite Valve Giveaway

I think these water bottles are awesome for kids! The bite valve is excellent for children with the need to chew and it is also a great tool for spreading Sensory Processing Awareness everywhere you go! PLUS, a portion of every sale will go towards getting sensory tools into schools in need!

Here is some more information about these awesome water bottles from the manufacturer:

Kid sized bottles for Big adventures and easy for parents to clean.

  • BPA free Tritan material in all sorts of colors
  • Detachable Bite Valve, easy for parents to clean
  • Flip open cap, easy for kids to operate
  • Carabineer/finger loop makes it easy for kids to carry
  • Shielded vent prevents unexpected messes

When and Where To Use Water Bottles with Bite Valves

A sensory needs child does not have control over what they are doing when it comes to their sensory problems. This means that a child that has an urge to chew will then chew. Here are some ways these special bottles can help handle these urges:

  • On the go
  • In the home
  • At school
  • Roadtrips
  • Busy stores
  • Transitions
  • Recess
  • Quiet Time

Sensory Needs Addressed

These awesome bottles assist with the following sensory needs:

  • Oral/ Gustatory
  • Proprioception

Would you like to win a Project Sensory Water Bottle with Bite Valve?

As an added bonus, two lucky readers have the chance to win a Project Sensory Water Bottle with Bite Valve for the sensory child in your life. The winner will have the choice of selecting either a purple or a blue color bottle. Enter the Raffle Copter below for a chance to win.

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You can follow along with The Sensory Project here:

Holiday Gift Guide for the Sensory Child 1

Toys and Tools for Sensory Needs Children

Children with sensory needs sometimes have different views on what is fun to them. Here are some great toy gift ideas for children with sensory needs:

  • Chewable Jewelry: This chewable jewelry that comes in very cool colors is the perfect discreet way to encourage appropriate chewing and biting. My son Beck has a large chewing problem so when The Sensory Project first shared this product with family to say it was a life changer and life saver is putting it mildly. This is the one product that I would LOVE to buy in bulk and if the sensory child in your life chews on things this would make the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer!
  • Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs / Hearing Protectors: These can make or break our daily life. We have purchased several pairs and have one pair upstairs, one pair downstairs, and one pair in our son’s backpack for when we leave the house. They come in so many colors, are comfortable for children to wear, and can make a world of difference for a child who has auditory sensory needs.
  • Edushape Glow In The Dark Sensory Ball Green/Blue: This glow in the dark sensory ball can lead to hours of nighttime fun for any child!
  • Memorex Personal CD Player with Anti-Skip: Our son uses this player to listen to audio books and music, which become his white noise when the world around him becomes too much for him to handle. My husband and I love the anti-skip feature on this rather inexpensive model since it does not have, nor do we need, all the other bells and whistles.
  • Howard Leight 1030110 Sync Noise-Blocking Stereo Earmuff: This is the most incredible (and can I just say inexpensive) pair of earmuff style headphones for children who are quite literally crippled by loud noises such as our son Beck is. This model is perfect and budget friendly too!
  • Tangle Creations Tangle Relax Therapy and Tangle Jr. Fuzzy: Our son uses these daily and these are one of his favorite tools to fidget with during our school lessons.
  • Jelly Beadz: Water beads are our new found best friend when it comes to hands-on sensory activities for our son. Even my husband and I find them very relaxing when set up in a sensory bin setting.
  • 2000lbs Anti Burst Exercise Stability Ball with Pump: Our son if often found continuously spinning for large amounts of times without feeling dizzy, which can become dangerous to him for so many reasons. We use this exact exercise ball so that he can bounce on the ball or rock back and forth on his tummy instead of spinning continuously. We developed safe and fun things for Beck to use our exercise ball with to better help him safely and productively handle his urges to spin.
  • Toysmith Liquid Motion Bubbler: This is our mobile version that we stick in our backpack of our Lego Calm Down Jars. You can see more about the Lego Calm Down Jars below.
  • Fidget Kit: We have this kit scattered throughout our home for easy access whenever Beck has his urges and episodes.

Lego Calm Down Jar

Looking for a DIY gift?

We made these DIY Lego Calm Down Jars from Lemon Lime Adventures. It helps not only our son with SPD; but also, our daughter who often finds herself frustrated with the way her brother communicates, or lack thereof, with her. This has helped to diffuse so many arguments, tempers, upset feelings, and overall feelings of discontent. This would make the perfect personalized DIY gift this holiday season. You can even make it with any appropriate toys, not just Lego toys.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Sensory Child

Book Suggestions for Parents of Children with SPD

Finding books can be challenging when it comes to having a child with SPD. I was lucky enough to have some very good friends at Stir the Wonder and Lemon Lime Adventures that were kind enough to point me in the right direction. Then I just started devouring books as rapidly as I could to soak in the knowledge to begin to understand the world as our son sees it. Having chronic health problems myself for the past decade that are not always straight forward and run of the mill, I am a firm believer that you can never stop learning. Giving the gift of knowledge with a book to a parent of a child with sensory needs this holiday season would make a thoughtful and long lasting impression on their lives. Here are some of my favorites:

If there is a child in your life, be it a son, daughter, grandchild, niece, or nephew with sensory needs then please consider purchasing one of the above mentioned products for that child or their parents this holiday season.

Do you have any other suggestions? I would love to hear them too?

* Please note that I am not, nor I am presenting myself to be, a doctor, certified professional, or anything other than a mother who has a child with special qualities.

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