US Presidents Learning Internet Resources

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Posted on Sep 19 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Welcome to the home of the US Presidents Internet Resources here on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom! As with any lesson plan, curriculum, unit or activity you may want to explore deeper or research further into topics.  The compiled internet resources are designed to enhance your US President lessons and help your child learn and retain their studies and lessons on the US Presidents.  Searching the internet for child friendly resources and previewing them to make sure they are truly child friendly can be a daunting task, but I wish to offer you some of my favorite US President Learning Internet Resources. 

US Presidents Learning Internet Resources

To assist you with expanding your US President lessons through the use of the internet and other online resource I have compiled the following list of my favorite, go-to internet resources for you to use. Please note: I do not maintain these sites, so please be sure to visit them, evaluate them, and maybe even preload them prior to using them with your child or student.

This fun site has information on all the US Presidents, in order.  There is a lot of information on each one that ranges from simple to complex to obscure.

Would you like a quick US President coloring Page?

Want to plan a fun activity for President’s Day? Then head over to the NEA (National Education Association) President’s Day Activity section today.

Looking to challenge your child or students with US President knowledge, facts, and activities? Then you cannot go wrong with what is offered at BrainPop. Although you have to be a member to see and use the resources, there is a lot of US President themed learning available on BrainPop.

Looking to challenge your younger child or students with US President knowledge, facts, and activities that is more appropriate to younger learners?  Then you cannot go wrong with what is offered at BrainPop Jr.. Although you have to be a member to see and use the resources, there are fun activities for your younger learner.

For unique and fun president and democracy themed learning head on over to The Democracy Project from PBS Kids to see what their site has to offer you.

Enchanted Learning is always a source of fun and educational materials from crafts to projects to facts, you can find almost anything on any topic.  Their list of US President themed learning materials is very diverse and comprehensive at the same time.  Although their material requires a membership to fully utilize, it is well worth the cost if it has the materials you wish to add to your US President lessons. 

In addition to knowledge based sites, here are a few fun and informative US Presidents themed videos that I have found as well: 

Try this fun link for a fun song to help your child learn the US Presidents in order from those loveable Animaniacs. The time that this song was written and produced was during the Bill Clinton time frame, so does not have the last two presidents. 

This video is very informative and contains a lot of information about each US President.  It is packed with facts, so it probably better suited to older children. It is designed to be used as a fast dynamic learning aid and is intended to help your children learn the facts fast and retain important ones as well. 

Hopefully these US President Internet Resources can assist you in your US Presidents lessons and studies.  What internet resources do you plan to use on your journey to learn about the US Presidents from Washington to Obama? 

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