US President of the Week Activity

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Posted on Sep 16 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Since every elementary school age child needs to learn about the US Presidents, why not make it fun, right? As part of their government studies in the category of social studies I have been finding ways to make learning about the US Presidents fun for Beck and Elizabeth. I find that if I can incorporate a fun song or an enticing visual aid then they will most likely remember the facts a little easier. With that in mind, I would like to share with you some of the fun that we are using in our lessons to liven up the President Themed Learning

US President of the Week Activity

I plan to use two elements to liven up our Presidential Themed Learning.  The first is a set of Wall Cards that I found on Oriental Trading.  It is actually a wall trim set, but this President Fact Border Trim Set is a perfect match for our needs! It contains all the US Presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. These are great for learning the US Presidents because I plan to have one up in my school room, displayed on the wall for a week at a time as we are learning about the US Presidents.  Here are some details about the US President cards in this set:

  • Sized at 8”x10” each
  • 44 Different Cards
  • Portrait of Each President
  • Each President’s Name
  • Each Term of Office (number and years)
  • Lifespans

As you can see, these wall cards can be used for more than just decoration. They are a very useful visual aid to go with the FREE President Report Form and the FREE Presidential Birthplace Lapbook.  To help make the President Themed Learning even more fun, why not add some music to your lessons? 

Although I plan to display a different US President each week, I will not be tacking, gluing, taping or otherwise hanging the cards to the wall.  Instead, I plan to use an extra Scrabble game letter tray I had laying around to place the card in from when I made my DIY Chalkboard Refrigerator Spelling Game.  By mounting the Scrabble tray to the wall, I now have a nifty little way to safely display the US President of the Week that we are working on and can easily swap it out for a different US President.  You can see how it all looks hanging on our homeschool room wall with our other daily activities HERE

When I first started researching the US Presidents and was putting together my lesson plans for the topic, I wanted to find a copy of Hail to the Chief, the presidential march, to play for Beck and Elizabeth. I searched and found a really fun item, Wee Sing America.  This fun audio CD contains a lot of great American anthems, marches, and music.  Each track has significance to American culture and adds a fun elements to learning about the US Presidents.  Hail to the chief is just one track on this hour long CD. 

With these two elements I hope to take the factual edge off of learning about the US Presidents.  With the use of the wall cards and the Wee Sing CD I hope that the lessons will not only be more fun, but will also be more memorable and allow children to recall the facts easier. 

How do you plan to make your US President lessons fun and enticing?

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