Pocket Charts & Music: Using Your Pocket Chart As A Word Wall

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Posted on Sep 27 2014 - 1:00am by Victoria
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Pocket Charts are definitely a classroom and home educational resource that could be use with every single subject in school. It’s such a great way to display information, charts, and games for children to them a visual of what you the parent/teacher are trying to convey to them.

Pocket Charts & Music: Using Your Pocket Chart As A Word Wall - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

For this months Pocket Charts & Music I wanted to share how we have been using our pocket chart as an easy Word Wall. Now that my oldest Kaelyn is reading and using a writing journal on a daily basis, she needed something that would help her remember those important sight-words and word families.

Word Wall Pocket Chart

Because we have learned a good amount of words this past school year, I decided that we would use two different pocket charts throughout the year. Right now we are using just the one, but once this one is filled we will bring our second one out. To create your words you can either write them on an index card or just type them up on the computer then print them out. I highly suggest laminating them because they will last much longer.

Journal Writing

I love the fact that by placing the cards on the pocket chart they are easily accessible for both Kaelyn and myself when we need them. When Kaelyn is writing in her journal I highly encourage her to sound out her words and write them on her own. When she gets stuck on a sight-word I always refer her to the pocket chart. She is allowed to grab the word she needs to bring to the table while she writes it down.

You can also see that I keep the words in alphabetical order. This makes it easy for her to find the word she needs and doesn’t waste too much time. I think that by having this up for her to look at everyday it definitely helps with word recognition. Even Kaidence who is only 2 is beginning to recognize words like the and go.

Pocket Charts Easily Stored

The best part is that I can easily fold up with all the words in them when we are not using them. As you can see we have our Calendar and Counting Pocket Chart underneath, so that’s another great thing about pocket charts, they are so easy to store.

The girls and I found this fun Sight Word Song Video! It definitely gets the point across and the girls were up and dancing with the song 🙂

How did you use your pocket charts this month?

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