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Posted on Sep 20 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Where do you fall in the range of organizational skills with it comes to your weekly lessons? Would you call yourself organized? Cluttered? Or what’s a lesson plan? There are so many different ways that you can organize your lessons for your homeschooling or classroom needs, but I would like to share with you all one of my favorite organizational elements: my DIY Lesson Organizer! 

DIY Lesson Organizer - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

This lesson organizer is perfect for me because I map out all of my lessons for the entire year by week, place them in a file cabinet where I pull them out at the end of school on Friday and set-up the next week’s lessons.  You can see how I file and organize my weeks HERE. My Daily Lesson Plans are my security blanket and the way that I stay on top of everything that my children need to know. You can find more of my thoughts on lesson planning HERE. So, with the year mapped out in my lesson plans I then organize each week and take it into the school room each Friday and clean-up from this week.  With my DIY Lesson Organizer I can now transfer each lesson in the week into its slot and be ready for school first thing on Monday without having to worry about items getting lost or disorganized. 

Having this DIY Lesson Organizer is important to me because it has five daily slots and then a sixth slot for items not completed.  As a homeschooling family, parent, and teacher, it can sometimes get painfully daunting to stay organized, so here are some positives that I see in making and using this DIY Lesson Organizer: 

Teacher Only

When I thought about this organizer, the first thing that came to my mind is that the children will just place things were they want them.  To solve this I made this a teacher item in my homeschool room.  My children know that they can take things out, but are not to put anything in it unless I ask them too.  With that in mind I will be the one to move work around and will also be the only one to put work into it.  As the days go on, the children are only taking work out of it as they work on the items my lesson planning has placed on the days of the week we are currently learning in. 

All In One Spot

The best part about this DIY Lesson Organizer is that it places all the work for the week in one central place. To me, that is a bonus and time saver since I do not have to search around for worksheets, lessons, and materials. 

Daily Slots

There are six slots.  This means that each day will have its own special space.  Each Friday I take all of the work from the next week’s folder and place it in the daily slots as outlined by my lesson plans. 

Un-completed Work

When you homeschool, sometimes your children do more or less work, it all depends on their levels of focus.  From time-to-time we will have work that we did not get done or I choose not to do, or that was an extra lesson in case I needed something more to reinforce a topic.  When those items are not done, I place that lesson in the sixth slot.  Then, at the end of the week I can re-organize it and assign it in the next week or place it back in the files for another time or year. 

Now that you are hopefully excited and want one for yourself, here is how you make your very own DIY Lesson Organizer: 


To make your very own DIY Lesson Organizer you will need the following supplies:

  • 6 Boxes of similar size, large enough for papers (new or used)
  • Packing Tape
  • Colorful tape or paint (I chose pink and zebra duct tape)
  • Tag Labels

To make your very own DIY Lesson organizer, start by getting 6 boxes of the same size and shape.  Living and working from home rural, we tend to get a lot of items shipped to us, so I waited a while and got six that would work due to our ordering on Amazon.  Once that is done, simply select the colors that you want to use.  I selected the outside color of pink and the inside color of zebra print. 

DIY Lesson Organizer - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Start by removing one side of each box at the same size so that the boxes will line up with each other.  Stack them on top of each other to make sure they will stack nicely.  Then, use packing tape to connect them to each other, one at a time, like stacking Lego bricks.  Once that is done, use your selected outside color (mine was pink) and use continuous strips from the underside edge, up one side, across the top, down the other side, and then a small portion under the stack.  Then, complete the next row of outside tape, but make sure to overlap the rows slightly so that you are creating a continuous covering and strengthening of your organizer. Once the outside is completed, I used the internal color (mine was Zebra Print) to connect the bottom of a shelf to the top of the one below it to make a lip and define the shelves. As an alternative, you could pain the boxes any color you wish instead of using tape.  I elected to use tape because it will lend strength with the addition of color too. 

DIY Lesson Organizer - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Then, finish the shelves by writing a day of the week on a label and attaching the labels to the front edge of each shelf.  I altered the sides to help emphasis that the days were different. 

DIY Lesson Organizer - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Then all you have to do is find a nice place in your school area for your organizer and you are ready to get organized with your very own DIY Lesson Organizer! I found the perfect place in Our Homeschool Room for 2014-2105 right next to my DIY Teacher’s Podium. Now, each Friday I can collect the work from the week and set-up Monday so that right after coffee on Monday we can start right back into school without missing a beat or loosing focus. 

Do you plan on building your own DIY Lesson Organizer?

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