Here Comes Halloween Linky Party

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Posted on Sep 25 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Oh my oh my, how time does fly when you are having fun doesn’t it? With Halloween creeping up closer and closer my mind is starting to think of all the spooky fun we can have.   So, welcome to the Here Comes Halloween 2014 Linky Party! 

Here Comes Halloween Linky Party

My first thoughts went towards all those pumpkin seeds we tend to end up with every October. If your household is anything like ours, then during the months of October and November you find yourself buried in pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins. I am the only one in our family that loves roasted pumpkin seeds so there is only so many jars and containers of pumpkin seeds that one person can eat which often leads to many perfectly good pumpkin seeds to be thrown away. 

This year I didn’t want to throw all of the pumpkin seeds away but rather instead recycle them into an art project that would also help hold some of the children’s trick or treat Halloween candy that they collected on Halloween night. 

Pumpkin Seed Bowl Art Project - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

To make this Pumpkin Seed Bowl art project you will need the following materials:

  • Pumpkin seeds (that have been cleaned and air dried)
  • White Glue
  • A plastic container of any shape (that you will not mind keeping for future crafts or throwing away)

Pumpkin Seed Bowl Art Project 1

This project is super easy but very messy and fun! First place all of the pumpkin seeds in your container to fill the container roughly ¾ of the way full. Then pour in enough white glue that you can cover all of the pumpkin seeds. At first we tried using a popsicle stick to stir everything around but we ended up just using our hands to make sure that all of the pumpkin seeds were evenly coated with glue. Next shape the glued pumpkin seeds into a bowl shape by gently pressing them up against the sides of your container. Then allow your bowl time to dry (our bowl took 3 days to fully dry). 

Pumpkin Seed Bowl Art Project 2

Once your bowl has had several days to completely dry, gently and carefully peel the pumpkin seed bowl from your plastic container. Voila! Your children now have an adorable handmade bowl to hold their Halloween candy or to give as a gift for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed this project so much that we plan to all make pumpkin seed bowls every year in October. 

Here are some more of my favorite Halloween themed learning fun: 

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Here are some great learning packs themed to Halloween to add to your educational journeys during Halloween:

Here Comes Halloween Linky Party

There are so many creative ideas ranging from arts and crafts to recipes to printables and more that I thought it was high time to have a Halloween Blog Hop where everyone can link up their Halloween activities in one location for hours of spooky fun this October! 



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