DIY Back To School Wreath

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Posted on Aug 12 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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It’s not everyday that I’m invited to share one of my wreaths with another blog. So when Jill asked me to create a Back to School wreath for her family, I was thrilled. I’m an empty nester so back to school hasn’t been on my radar for a while now. After working and raising a family, we moved to a small town and I was able to retire. So life is gardening, renovating my 1935 Tudor home and cooking for when the kids and grandkids come to visit (this week!!!).

DIY Back To School Wreath

Back to school for me and my kids was always about a new set of pencils, so what my first thought was to incorporate some new pencils into this wreath. Here’s how I made the DIY Back To School Wreath:

1) Create a Base:

DIY Back To School Wreath

You could buy one of those nice MDF wreath forms, but you’ve got enough to spend money on at this time of year. So I made mine from a piece of cardboard, using another wreath form as a guideline. After I cut it out, I realized that it didn’t need a centre hole. So I just left it as a circle.

Step 2) Glue on the Pencils:

DIY Back To School Wreath

Start by laying out four pencils — top, bottom and sides. Glue them in place. Then fill in the space in between. I used about 30 pencils – got them at the dollar store, so it wasn’t expensive.

Step 3) Prepare the Chalkboard

DIY Back To School WreathI bought this light wood frame at the dollar store too. It needed some holes to thread the ribbon, so I took my ever present drill and added a couple at the top.

This frame did not come with a chalkboard insert, so a piece of cardboard painted with black chalkboard paint was glued in place.

DIY Back To School WreathThread the ribbon through the two holes, securing with a knot at each end. Then glue the chalkboard in place (my photo does not show the black card for demonstration purposes).

Step 4: Thread Ribbon

DIY Back To School WreathTo give the wreath more colour, you can thread some red ribbon in between the pencils. I did two rows close to the centre, but showing beyond the chalkboard. At this point, I decided that the chalkboard needed some colour. Out came the red craft paint.

Step 5: Paint Lettering

DIY Back To School Wreath

I always struggle with this. Getting my lettering right is always a challenge. After a couple of failed attempts with chalk and with a white paint pen, it was back to a thin brush and some white paint. Is it perfect? No – but then what childlike writing is?

DIY Back To School Wreath

Because Jill is a home schooling mom, I thought it would be fun to hang this on my backdoor to welcome my students to their home classroom. But wouldn’t this be a cute gift for your favourite teacher? Or if you have a houseful of kids bored because “there’s nothing to do”, this would be a great reminder that summer is fleeting.

Thanks for allowing me to share one of my wreath projects here, Jill. Here’s some of the other wreaths you can find over at New House New Home

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