Community Helpers Discussion Pack

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Posted on Aug 17 2014 - 1:00am by Jill
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Has your child or student ever asked you who that was or what is that person doing when you are out and about in your community?  I know that Beck and Elizabeth do and I like to take those opportunities to discuss what those people are doing.  The communities that we all live in are filled with people that assist us from teachers to nurses to librarians, community helpers are there to help us, make your day easier, and to make sure we are safe. Learning about community helpers can be fun, so I created this Community Helpers Discussion Pack to help my children learn about the various community helpers in your community. 

Community Helpers Discussion Pack - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Are you ready to start discussing and learning about your community helpers?  Then please take a look at what this fun Community Helpers Discussion Pack has to offer you as you teach about Community Helpers with your lessons.  This pack is designed to assist you in your discussion on Community Helpers and can work with however you are presenting the topic of community helpers to your children.  I have a series of storybooks and internet resources that I will be using, as well as some social studies textbook sections that I will be tying into this topic and these activities will help bolster, reinforce, and make them fun.

Community Helpers Discussion Pack - Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

In this Community Helpers Discussion Pack you will find the following learning elements to help you as you present and teach your child or students about the community helpers all around the community they live in: 

Wall Cards

A set of Community Helpers Wall Cards are included to help you teach about the various community helpers around you.  These wall cards are perfect for helping steer discussions and allows your child or students to see what each community helper usually looks like. 

Community Helper Coloring Pages

This activity is provided so that your child or student can color each community helper and then trace their job descriptions so that they can start to relate and reinforce their knowledge of the various community helpers through word recognition and reinforcement. 

Discussion Sheets

This activity is designed to help teach about how each community helper contributes to their community.  This exercise is provided as one sheet per community helper so that your child or student can take notes as you discuss the various community helpers with them using your selected educational materials. 

Community Helper Discussion Pocket Chart Cards

This activity is a series of sentences, one for each community helper. It is set-up to be used with a pocket chart.  If you do not have one you can see how to use one HERE. But do not fear though, if you do not want or are not comfortable using a pocket chart, you can simply attach them to your wall in your school area too. This activity is designed so that your child or student can see the profession being discussed as you discuss each one with them. 

In summary, the following components are included in this printable pack:

  • Wall Cards
  • Community Helper Coloring Pages
  • Discussion Sheets
  • Community Helper Discussion Pocket Chart Cards

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Hopefully you can have some fun discussing the community helpers near you in your community with this Community Helpers Discussion Pack. Make sure to also check out all of the other community themed learning ideas found here on Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.

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