The Study of Animals Part 10

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Posted on Jul 6 2014 - 1:00am by Misty Leask
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Throughout our journey of the study of animals we’ve mentioned cold and warm blooded animals a few times, but we haven’t talked about what it means to be cold or warm blooded. Today, we’re going to look into exactly what it means to be cold and warm blooded.


What Does Cold Blooded Mean?

Reptiles, Fish and Amphibians are all cold blooded animals and they their body temperature is based on the temperature of their location. If it is too cold where they are, then they will search for a warmer spot. The same is true if their location is too warm, they will find a cooler place to stay. These animals cannot control their body temperature, which is why they must move when they get too warm or too cold. Scientists refer to cold blooded animals as “ectotherms”.

What Does Warm Blooded Mean?

Warm blooded animals include mammals and birds. Their bodies have a temperature that stays the same all the time, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is around them. In order for them to get warmer they burn fat, while getting cool requires them to sweat. Warm blooded animals also have feathers, fur or hair that helps to keep their temperature consistent. It is for this reason that many warm blooded animals have thicker coats in the winter for warmth and shed it in the summer to cool off. Scientists refer to warm blooded animals as “endotherms”.

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Next month will be the last lesson in our Study of Animals series. I’m excited about the next series I will be sharing with you here at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom, it will kick off just in time for the new school year in September!


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